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Kathmandu, April 15

The New Year brings new excitement, new visions and new dreams. With the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly under control, our artists are excited for the opportunity to exhibit their work that they created over the past year. The New Year 2079 BS is like a new hope in terms of exhibiting their works as they consider the confinement of the last two years as a period of homework for making art.

For Asha Dongol, independent artist/co-founder of E-Arts Nepal, the year 2079 BS is the year he has been waiting for. “I have used the lockdown to create a series of COVID-19 and many other artworks but only 50% of them have been exhibited so far through online platforms for many reasons such as lockdown, time constraints and the pandemic itself.

I hope to exhibit all of my remaining work in physical or virtual media by 2079 BS.” He also plans to visit mountainous areas of the country to carry out research on his ongoing series as part of his art project on mountains and climate change.

For Rubi Maharjan, the new year 2079 BS is one to advance/grow in his career. Maharjan, who enjoys playing with chemicals, metals, soil and the arts, said: “My first priority is studies. Later I will focus on fine arts related to microbiology which I I had studied in my bachelor’s degree. I will relate both science and fine art. I will choose unique subjects so that I can express how science and fine art are interrelated.

People are interested in science and art is a way to raise awareness. So I’m going to focus on how I can make art that can engage people in my art that will convey the message about science in art.”

She informed that she will participate in group exhibitions which she thinks she needs to grow in the field of art. “I aim to successfully prepare a personal exhibition by the end of the year. I will not miss the opportunity to do so. Last year, it was difficult to carry out my work due to the financial and material shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I will focus on how I can engage in my own works this year. I will make efforts to create my own identity in the field of art. I am hopeful for the new year as I believe we won’t need to work under the restrictions caused by the pandemic.”

Maharjan said, “As I have some engagement experience at the Kathmandu Triennale, I hope something will be there for me to grow in my rookie career.”

Studio and visual artist Priyanka Tulachan, who had pursued her early studio artwork titled ‘Aale’ through an online platform through the KU Art Gallery website, also regards the year 2079 BS as bringing new hope for her and her career.

“My art includes composing layers of text and images representing my memories with my grandfather, my clan and my Thakali community.

I will excel in this work in 2079 BS by visiting my village of Baglung to explore other artistic aspects of my work. I will archive old photos in 2079 BS.

My current works include interviews with community members in my village about their original identity. I will work on their course, the migration this year. I will include the art of photography and book making in my works. I will also organize a physical exhibition.”

According to Tulachan, she needs to assess which art will be suitable for the exhibition as she will have videos, audio, writings and photographs, as well as past works in her next collection.

“I exhibited my works via online exhibitions.

I plan to exhibit this work in physical mode in 2079 BS. I think of exhibiting them as a first phase, a second phase of physical exposure.

I did this work focused on community engagement, but it wasn’t deep engagement due to the pandemic.

Now I will do an in-depth study of the community and reflect a more detailed description for reflection in my art form.”

She shared that she will focus on how an artist can play with photography and writing.

Sujan Bir Bajracharya plans to visit Gosain Kunda with his family for refreshment.

“This trip will be useful to me for an artistic purpose in addition to refreshment.”

Bajracharya said: “I worked on the theme of popular food culture, traditional food culture, and I want to show how a kind of food policy has transformed society and culture. I plan to continue in this new year .I will be exhibiting my works through different media.I will be participating in all art programs.Last year was like graduation year for me.Now I am studying a Masters in Fine Arts .I think my work experience at the Kathmandu Triennale allowed me to participate in other exhibitions as well.”

He clarified, “I think 2079 BS is the year of growth, of rejuvenation, a year of doing research to resume our work, to bring everything together and to explore places for art exhibitions. It’s a hope for us to explore further.”

Mural artist Laxman Shrestha aims to fulfill his ongoing art movement 101 – a mural art campaign by Shrestha to create an eco-friendly artistic environment at his residence in Baneshwore. “I conducted the 101 art movement by myself. I did Bhimsen Khola murals in Baneshwore, Kathmandu. I have completed about 40 pieces under this. I will complete this 101 movement in 2079 BS. I will also make efforts to make the public familiar with my art.”

Visual Artist and Artudio Founder Kailash K Shrestha said, “We have been working in isolation for two years, but with the pandemic waning, we are excited to be working well in 2079 BS as we did before the pandemic.”

Sharing that he had missed a lot in the past two years, Shrestha said, “I will be more focused on participating in international exhibitions because we hadn’t thought about participating in the international space earlier. We will grow by participating in new engagements such as international residencies, collaborations with international artist networks, curatorial interventions.I will focus on curatorial engagement, my own forms of exhibition and my publications. “

A version of this article appears in the April 16, 2022 printing of The Himalayan Times.

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