46 wooden sculptures on display at Amritsar Art Gallery: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Amritsar, October 1

An exhibition of wood carvings by prominent sculptor Narendra Singh opened at the art gallery on Friday. The exhibition features 46 abstract wooden sculptures by Narendra Singh.

Narendra said he dedicated his job to all of his relatives and friends who he couldn’t give time to. “I worked on this series of sculptures, creating 30 sculptures at a time, during containment. I spent hours in a row in my studio so I couldn’t spend a lot of time with my family and friends. These sculptures are based on abstract themes, most of them an expression of what most people, including myself, have been through in the past year and half of the pandemic, ”a- he declared.

The exhibit was set up as part of the revival of the art gallery‘s offline activities after the pandemic. Besides his current works, the exhibition also features sculptures created by him that have been part of national and international art exhibitions. Arvinder Chamak, secretary general of the Indian Academy of Fine Arts, said the exhibition will run until October 5. “The gallery promotes all genres of art, including contemporary and traditional. We also promote the making of sculptures in a completely different format with traditional and modern media used in Narendra Singh’s workshops.

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