96th Annual Pasadena Society of Artists Exhibition and Awards

Pasadena Society of Artists 95th Annual Jury Exhibition

The Pasadena Society of Artists presents its 96th annual jury exhibition from October 15 to November 13, 2021, live and in person at the Whites Fine Art Gallery, 2414 Honolulu Avenue, Montrose, and online on the PSA website and ISSUU.com. The public reception will take place on Saturday October 16 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.. Rewards will be given.

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Of the 125 works of art entered, 71 were accepted from 53 artists by juror Dr. Mika Cho, an arts educator, researcher, consultant, curator and respected artist of Cal State LA In addition, a full-color printed catalog will be available on purchase a few days after opening.

Commenting on the exhibition, Dr Cho said: “Regarding this jury experience, the submitted work has no unity of content or style. Some of the work certainly reflects the turbulent times we have experienced since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and individual artistic practices in two-dimensional and three-dimensional works with various conceptual and technical backgrounds; however, the passion in the works of these artists was palpable.

Participating artists

The participating artists are:

MariBeth Baloga, Mariko Bird, Art Carrillo, Chuka Susan Chesney, Fred Chuang, Karen Chutsky Naud, Liz Crimzon, Marion Dies, Darien Donner, Rick Drobner, Karen Duckles, Lore Eckelberry, Martin Ehrlich, Mims Ellis, MaryEllen Eltgroth, Mina Ferrante, Emily Goff, Laura Henneforth, Karen Hochman Brown, Karen M Holgerson, Dorothe Horttor, Jeffry Jensen, Bernie Kane, Kyung Kim, Leah Knecht, Nora Koerber, Joanna Kos, Eileen Oda Leaf Warner LeMénager, Rosian Maize, Janet Manalo, Brian Mark, Kevin McCants, Peter McDonald, Claire Menegatti, Albert Natian, Victor Picou, Rebecca Pollack, Rhonda Raulston, Serena Refoua, Lawrence D. Rodgers, David Sikes, SA Smith, Daniela Soberman, Robert Michael Sullivan, Emily Suñez, Kathleen Swaydan, Matthew Tanaka , EM Tietjen, Tsvetelina Valkov, Ken Weintrub, Nancy Wood Pink and Carolyn Young.

Founded in 1925, the Pasadena Society of Artists is one of the region’s premier professional artist groups. The Society is known for its vigorous and active members, its great diversity of artistic statements and its high professional standards. Membership is by submission of a jury.

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