A reason to show up

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A reason to show up

If you really want to grow your business over the next decade, you’ll have to solve the problem of recruiting talent in a brutally competitive talent market. The solution, you’ll probably find, lies not so much in marketing as in some form of branding. We need to answer the question that comes to the mind of potential employees: “Why should I choose your company to work for rather than Amazon, Google or an e-commerce company?” (And remember, our problem isn’t that we’re printers. People are looking for something we can deliver as well as anyone. They’re looking for purpose, relevance and a place to feel good. to belong.)


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About Wayne Lynn

Wayne Lynn is a believer in the adage that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Combining his considerable strengths in leadership, economics and strategy with extensive experience in public and private companies, he brings focus and discipline to the task of creating and sustaining success in today’s chaotic environment.

Wayne has managed businesses ranging in size from $5 million to $500 million in annual sales. He has guided these organizations through a number of diverse market sectors, including magazines, catalogs, inserts, direct mail and general commercial printing.

A student and practitioner of the art of business, Wayne’s latest goal is to help business leaders make their businesses more economically viable, more relevant in the marketplace, more adaptable to constant change, and more sustainable in the future. long term. It’s about people, what they know, and how they execute what they know.

Wayne can be reached at 704-516-7787 or [email protected].

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