A subsidiary of OCT recognized as an outstanding contributor to the cultural development of Siem Reap

Shenzhen, China, September 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cambodia Angkor International Cultural Investment and Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Overseas Chinese Town (OCT), recently won the honorary title of Outstanding Contributor to Cultural Development of Siem Reap awarded by the Provincial Department of culture and fine arts in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

In recent years, cultural exchanges and collaborative efforts between cultural organizations Yunnan province and their like-minded foreign counterparts have been steadily developing, attracting great attention in the international cultural market. The Smile of Angkor, a representative work of OCT Yunnan Cultural Investment Group, is a grand epic dance performance incorporating ideological, artistic and ornamental value under the creative formula of “international vision, Chinese creativity and Cambodian elements”. This is the first overseas residency program run by state-owned art troupes, not only in Yunnan Province but also overall China.

Angkor has historical and cultural significance that dates back centuries, while Cambodia is known for its rich and diverse traditional dances and music. The OCT Yunnan Cultural Investment Group focuses on integrating local traditional cultures and the tourism industry, to make the creativity behind many of the world’s culturally rich theatrical performances accessible to a much wider audience and to create a rich content that today’s audience can relate to. based on from Cambodia culture and art par excellence. Combined with modern stage technologies, the group strives to create extraordinary masterpieces that not only retain the essence of original Cambodian dance, music and culture, but are also rich in modern artistic expression. .

Since its premiere in Cambodia on November 28, 2010, the Smile of Angkor has been played more than 3,200 times and has been seen by more than two million spectators. It is the show with the largest audience and the largest number of performances invested by China. Awarded with Outstanding Tourism Contribution Award and Best Performing Arts Award by Ministry of Tourism of Cambodiathe show has become a cultural calling card for the country and was listed as the 2019 Belt and Road Initiative Cultural and Tourism Cooperation Key Project by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China.

“The show revived the soul of Angkor Wat and vividly portrayed Khmer culture with Cambodian artists. The glory of Cambodian history will inspire us to create another proud chapter.” said a local tourist after watching the smile of Angkor.

To further promote ChinaCambodia of cultural exchanges and cooperation, Yunnan Cultural Investment Group, relying on the excellent reputation that has been built through the Smile of Angkor, has integrated Cambodian popular culture and built the cultural and tourist destination China-Cambodia Cultural and Creative Park. As a platform for raising awareness of Angkor civilization, the park is committed to becoming one of the most visited cultural tourism destinations in the world. Cambodia and even all of South East Asia. The China-Cambodia Cultural and Creative Park is expected to make Angkor a must-see destination in Cambodiaand that the park becomes an essential stopover for all those who visit Angkor.

At the same time, the Cultural and Creative Park serves as a bridge ChinaCambodia friendship. For the future, the Yunnan Cultural Investment Group plans to provide more popular literary and artistic products to the Cambodian people and tell more stories of ChinaCambodia cultural integration into the world with pride.

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