A Virginia Business Executive’s Exotic Vehicle and Luxury Items Auction

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia., June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ferrari, Bentley, ROLEX and Breitling are just a few of the valuable, collectible and desirable items up for sale at the Blue Box Auction Gallery’s upcoming auction. The first event takes place Saturday June 11e both live in person and online worldwide.

Commissioned by the Estate Trustee, the auction event features a wide assortment of items from a local Hampton, Virginia company manager, Frederick R. Green. Fred loved and collected luxury and exotic items from around the world. Fred started and grew several local businesses and spent time enjoying his life surrounded by family, friends, artwork, luxury items, fine antiques and assorted artifacts.

A series of auction events for the green estate will include a 1991 Ferrari Mondial and two Bentley Arnage as well as several works of art with many original oil on canvas works, spectacular cigars, decoration, fine arts, luxury jewelry and the private green. residence located in the Merrimac Shores area of Hampton, Virginia just one block from a private marina on the Hampton River.

This splendid and unique Lifetime Collection from the Green Estate is going live online now for a preview. It is best viewed using the “Blue Box Auction Gallery” app available from Apple or Google. Blue Box Auction Gallery is located at 5823 Ward Court in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The auction is open to the public and participation is strongly encouraged.

ABOUT Blue Box Auction Gallery:
Blue Box Auction Gallery is a leading auction house located in the coastal region Virginia. They specialize in helping shippers sell their goods for the best market value. They also hold live online auctions and in-person auctions around the world through a range of auction platforms, including their own mobile app. For more information, visit https://www.BlueBoxAuction.com or on social media: www.instagram.com/blueboxauction, https://www.facebook.com/BlueBoxAuctionGallery, https://www.youtube. com/c/BlueBoxAuctionGallery

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