Art Gallery, Chase Contemporary, represents a collection of diverse works by contemporary artists in its brand new location in East Hampton

Chase Contemporary is gaining popularity for its strong reputation globally. It is a center of a vast collection of contemporary masters and budding artists of different genres and styles. Chase Contemporary is an art gallery that focuses on various artists from around the world.

It was created in 2017 by Bernie Chase, former owner of Symbolic Motor Company and RM Auctions. The art gallery has today become an important contemporary art dealer. Already established in New York, it is now open in a brand new location of Chase Contemporary in East Hampton on famous Newtown Lane.

The renowned art gallery is currently exhibiting the works of famous artists namely Richard Hambleton, Retna, Liu Shiushi, Yayoi Kusama, Raphael Mazzucco, Carole Feuerman, Ole Aakjeer and the Connor brothers.

Chase Contemporary presents a wide variety of paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works of paper art. It will host a VIP opening reception to showcase the works of Carole Feuerman, a world-renowned sculptor and artist known for her work in hyperrealism.

In all of its art exhibitions, Chase Contemporary features some of the finest works of art ever produced by artists. The art gallery shows its presence at popular art fairs, namely Art Miami and Art New York, to showcase its contemporary works of art of all genres and styles.

Chase Contemporary offers support to emerging female artists globally. The art gallery is a great place for different types of collectors to enjoy the world of contemporary art.

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