Artist Barbara Morse ‘Life Re-imagined’ on display at the Levy Gallery

PORTSMOUTH — New Hampshire Art Association artist Barbara Morse will exhibit her work in an exhibition called “Life Re-imagined” at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery in May.

Morse has developed her own style of graphite drawing which she calls “In Sharp Focus”. Indeed, those looking at her work could easily get lost looking at all the detail she puts into her pieces.

“I create the art, but…the viewer creates their own story,” Morse said.

Originally from Connecticut, receiving her formal art training at the Paire College of Art in New Haven, Morse is now a longtime New Hampshire resident residing in Amherst.

Early in her career as an illustrator, she had a vision that her designs could be more dynamic when created as works of art; and she was able to pursue her passion for working primarily in graphite, while developing a style she considered unique and challenging.

Over time, the work has been refined by adding splashes of color to the acrylic to draw attention to a part that enhances the whole image.

As her work became established, she was a member of the Salmagundi Club in New York, the New Hampshire Art Association, and the Copley Society in Boston, where she attained the level of Copley Artist.

“Working in graphite and sometimes adding a splash of color to draw attention to an area enhancing the whole image, no matter how hard the work, I find joy and satisfaction in watching a piece come to life in front of me,” Morse said.

“My reward, however, is not for the viewer to see the work through my eyes, but theirs – creating a personal and lasting image to be seen and shared in a timeless way,” she added.

“As an artist, that’s what I challenge myself with with every new work. My perception is incidental, because what… the viewer has re-imagined is the essence of the work.

Morse was recently on the jury for the NHAA’s prestigious 36th Annual Omer T. Lassonde Show which was presented at the NHAA’s Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery in April. She is also the featured artist at the Grand Concord Chamber of Commerce’s visitor center until June 17 with an exhibit called “Around Town.”

Morse has pieces accepted throughout the year for exhibitions at various galleries across the state. For a complete list of his upcoming shows, please visit his website at

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