ArtMeta uses the Metaverse to connect artists, collectors and galleries


The cryptocurrency industry is growing rapidly, with major trends changing one after another. Right now, at the end of 2021, the crypto world is witnessing the rise of a new trend that is expected to dominate next year and potentially change the way people communicate in the online world.

The trend in question is the Metaverse, which holds such great potential that it has even drawn in people like Facebook, leading it to rebrand its business and reappear as Meta.

Metaverse projects are also emerging in the crypto industry, in a more decentralized environment, dedicated to a variety of purposes.

One of the most important, however, seems to be the creation of a digital space that would welcome creators who wish to offer their art to the global community of collectors and admirers. This is exactly what ArtMeta plans to do.

What is ArtMeta?

ArtMeta is a breathtaking visual reality 3D metaverse that was created to serve as a home for artists, as well as a bridge between artists, collectors and art galleries.

ArtMeta is a high-quality platform that focuses on fine art and connects artists, galleries and art collectors in new and revolutionary ways. The project allows artists, as well as art galleries, to rent land and virtual spaces. By doing so, they can publish their works of art and display them, making it easy for potential customers to view and purchase them if they decide to do so.

Of course, since all artwork is presented in its digital form, that means all physical artwork will be tokenized and featured in galleries as NFTs. In this way, millions of people from all over the world will be able to view the artwork and buy it if they like it enough.

By connecting artists and collectors in its visionary and beautifully rendered digital universe, ArtMeta has created a unique paradigm for the exhibition and sale of art in an emerging and rapidly growing market.

How it works?

In order to symbolize works of art and to offer its digital version, the project relies heavily on NFTs. The NFT sector has been the area of ​​the blockchain industry that has seen significant growth over the past year.

In fact, NFT’s sales reached around $ 3.5 billion in the first 3 quarters of 2021, according to Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2021. By the end of the first half of the year, that number had climbed to to $ 13.5 billion according to the same report.

Thus, there is a clear demand for NFTs, as they provide an easy way to purchase collectibles such as works of art, and since they are blockchain-based, they also ensure the ability to easily claim. ownership of the work of art in a simple, reliable, immutable manner.

By combining people, technologies and works of art, the project aims to connect leading international participants to the art world and create a unique new paradigm for art sales.

The whole world is inspired by an imaginary city designed by the writer Jacques Houssay and the painter Jonathan Delachaux, who created a mystical city on an island, made up of art galleries, conference rooms, museums, etc. . Everything is digital but photo-realistic and perfect for selling digital art in an easy and user-friendly way.

The new approach to solving old problems

Best of all, it solves a number of issues faced by the art industry, such as allowing collectors around the world to access every art gallery, every artist’s work, and in doing so, empowering artists to get more exposure.

Meanwhile, galleries are also enjoying their entry into the growing $ 2.4 billion market and remain relevant even in this new world of NFTs and digital art.

Finally, it also helps artists in another way, by allowing them to easily create NFTs which would otherwise be impossible since the creation of NFTs still requires considerable technical knowledge which is not exactly common in these early days of the industry. NFT.

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