Australian surfer whose “pride and joy” van, filled with alliances, hopes, dreams stolen after hiding the key in the police-approved Surf Lock device; Insurance companies laugh, “When you make a claim, you are just treated like dirt! “

Don’t let shady people steal your sun.

To be honest, I don’t know who in this western world still has a positive or even neutral impression of insurance companies but local Gold Coast Andrew Grantham is definitely not one of them.

The Coolangatta designer went surfing with his wife recently one fine morning before the lockdown and upon his return his 2018 Toyota Hiace was gone even though he had hidden his keys in a Surf Lock device. One promoted by the police in fact.

His insurance company blamed the case for negligence and refused to cover the loss.

“When you make a complaint, you are just treated like dirt. I felt like I was being treated like a criminal. Like it was my fault the car was stolen. And for that, I hate the insurance company more than the real bastards who stole my car, ”he told the Côte d’Or Bulletin.

The vague wording of its policy indicates that car theft is deserved when the keys are left “near the vehicle”.

His van was, he claimed, “his pride and joy” with the alliances of his wife and him inside and the hopes and dreams of a vanlife future bright on the horizon. Travel to the lucky country, etc.

Grantham fought and fought fiercely, sending his insurance company police missives praising Surf Lock’s little surfer with inspirational phrases like “Don’t let shady people steal your sun.” Consider using a surf lock attached to your car.

Her insurance company replied that they would not buy a new vanlife from Grantham because their client had failed to meet their terms of coverage.

“We make sure that our complaints process complies with regulatory guidelines. This is in addition to our decision criteria which we use to ensure consistency and alignment with what is fair and reasonable. “

But back to the insurance companies.

Are you a remaining fan?

Happy for the service provided?

Or are you a shady person who steals from the sun?

Also, where do you hide your keys when surfing?

Car shock absorbers?

Under a towel on the beach?

On ignition?

A surf art if there is one.

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