Banksy’s Black August Art Event

A Billboard Banksy art installation in Silicon Valley, California

Through August 31, in honor of Black August, Billboard Banksy, ‘C-Note’, will be withdrawing 96% of his iconic 2016 artwork Black August – Los Angeles from $5,000 to $200.

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, USA, Aug. 14, 2022 / — By August 31, in memory of Black August, Billboard Banksy’s one and only “C-Note” will enjoy 96% free reduction his iconic 2016 work Black August – Los Angeles.


Have you heard of the month-long holiday in August called Black August?

Started in the 1970s by black prisoners in San Quentin, Black August runs for a month in memory of prisoners whose lives were lost in the murders of state-sanctioned prisoners for demanding humane treatment. It has long been recognized internationally.

In 1970, after thwarting California Governor Ronald Reagan’s attempts to ban her from teaching at UCLA, Professor Angela Y. Davis came to the defense of the Soledad Brothers. Six African Americans were later acquitted of murdering a prison guard.

In a prisoner escape attempt at the Marin County courthouse in which two prisoners and a judge were killed, California charged Professor Angela Davis with complicity in murder for providing the weapons. Professor Angela Davis was acquitted in San Jose, California.

In 1970, Professor Angela Davis announced, “We call for fundamental structural changes within the prison system and also attempt to build a movement directed towards the release of political prisoners.

Today, this follower of Black August is Emeritus Professor Emeritus of the Departments of History of Consciousness and Women’s Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 1994, Professor Emeritus Angela Davis was honored to be named the Presidential Chair of African-American and Women’s Studies at the University of California.


This Black August, California prison artist Donald “C-Note” Hooker, the world’s most prolific prisoner artist aka Billboard Banksy, is selling for a limited time only all wall prints of his iconic artwork by 2016 Black August – Los Angeles at $200.

This limited online art event is 96% off Black August – Los Angeles’ retail price of $5,000. C-Note got 96% off, in honor of Carter G. Woodson, the father of black history. In 1926, 96 years ago, Carter founded Negro History Week, now known as Black History Month.

Black August – Los Angeles is the most important work of Black August Art created in a generation, Black August (commemoration) | Wikipedia. It refers to Beyonce’s training; the deaths of prisoners and prison reform activists, such as George Jackson. The California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP), so the public remembers that we imprison women, and much more…

The ownership of C-Note’s first political artwork, Black August – Los Angeles, is to own an exclusively historical, factual, and undiluted dream of freedom. This rare work of California art is exclusive to California, depicting both the epic hubs of metropolitan California, its north and its south.

Finding investment opportunities for emerging artists, particularly in the African-American art market whose 2019 sales generated $2.2 billion, doesn’t happen often. Here, a $200 investment in a hot emerging African American artist will see a 2,400% ROI when the retail price returns to $5,000, within 2 weeks. It’s a retirement or financial portfolio manager’s dream.

You also don’t want to miss this historic opportunity to buy other printed products that C-Note never offers, such as tote bags, t-shirts, coffee mugs…

Click the link for more information on the Black August Art Sale event:

Black August Art Sale Event – Official Site

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