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Which large wall canvas is the best?

No interior design project is complete without high quality wall decor. And what better way to add a little class to your home than with canvas paintings or photographs. The premium look of this material is unmatched by poster prints and is sure to impress any visitor. There is an endless variety of canvas wall art, from abstract paintings to richly colored photographs. What you choose, however, depends on your taste and decor.

Our first choice is SIGNWIN Misty Mountains 3 Piece Framed Canvas Wall Artbut you’ll want to review all of your options before you make the choice that’s right for you and your home.

What to know before buying a large wall canvas

What is the canvas?

Canvas is a premium material that artists use as a surface for painting or printing. It is usually woven from linen or cotton, but there are also polyester blends. Because it is not rigid like wood or paper, the canvas must be stretched over a wooden frame to make it teachable, which gives canvas wall art its substantial appearance.

go big

A large empty wall can be a glaring eyesore in the modern home. And sometimes a small work of art just can’t fill the space adequately. Larger pieces are great for giving every wall in your home a purpose. The goal is to create what interior designers call “focal points” – points around the room that catch the eye and grab the attention of your guests. Whether you go for the decorative approach or the centerpiece is up to you and your room layout.


Wall art is usually designed to fit a few ratios. These are 1:1, 2:3, 3:4 and 4:5. You will find that most standard pieces are one to two feet wide and one to two and a half feet long. Large wall art is anything beyond these dimensions. A good starting point is two by three feet, but your walls may need four by five feet or even more.

Where to hang a large wall canvas

Large canvas wall art is best suited for larger rooms in your home, such as your bedroom, dining room, or living room. Hang large landscape pieces or a series of vertical portraits on a couch or the bedhead of your bed. Simple, vertical portraits fit perfectly between windows or even at the ends of hallways.

How to hang a large wall canvas

With a wooden substrate, woven canvas, and potential decorative frame, canvas wall art can get heavy. You will need to make sure that you hang your art using a stud in your wall. If you can’t find a stud, be sure to use an anchor because plaster in drywall can only safely hold about a pound.

What to Look for in a Quality Large Canvas Wall Art

Types of Large Canvas Wall Art

The canvas is not just for painting. Today, many artists and design retailers also print high-quality graphics or photography on canvas. If you’re looking for a painting, however, don’t despair if the costs of the original work seem exorbitant. There are plenty of high quality printed reproductions of original works and old classics on the market that won’t break the bank.


Think about how you decorate your home. You will want your art to match the color palette and furniture materials of your room. Large, expressive paintings or dynamically lit photographs can claim a lot of attention in a minimalist or modern space. Geometric prints can help control the chaos of more eclectic design schemes. Landscapes are perfect for the country house, and fashion or architectural photography, conversely, is suitable for the city apartment.

Print quality

It is difficult to print on a large canvas because the source image is stretched over a larger area. Not only will you want to make sure your print is high resolution, but it also uses archival ink. This will help keep it from fading over time.


If you’re looking to buy art with a decorative frame, which one you choose will depend on your interior. Black is the go-to option that suits almost any interior. Gold can add a touch of luxury to your home, and ornamental gold frames have that old-world look for classic and rustic interiors. A color box can also be used strategically to emphasize a color in a multicolored artwork or to harmonize a multicolored artwork with its surroundings.

How much you can expect to spend on a large canvas wall art

Due to its sheer scale, a large wall canvas can be expensive. A budget 3 x 5 inch piece can run you $40-$60, but as the size and quality increase, expect to spend $80-$200 for a high-end piece of art.

Large Canvas Wall Art FAQs

Does the art come with mounting supplies?

A. Some sellers include mounting supplies with their art, such as nails, screws, and brackets. If the art you choose does not contain any materials, you will need at least one screw or nail. Most canvases can be hung by the pine stretcher bar under the fabric, and many frames have built-in brackets, wires, or D-rings.

What is the advantage of canvas over poster paper?

A. Not only does the canvas look more sophisticated and mature, but it is also more durable. This means you’ll be able to protect your artistic investment for generations.

What is the best large canvas wall art to buy?

Top large canvas wall art

SIGNWIN Misty Mountains 3 Piece Framed Canvas Wall Art

What do you want to know: This misty, minimal and monochromatic series of canvas prints brings contemplation and tranquility into the modern home.

What you will love: This set of three prints straddles representation and abstraction beautifully. It is printed with fade resistant ink on quality canvas and comes with a hanging kit. Each photo is framed in a simple, complementary white frame, measuring 24 by 36 inches for a total of 108 inches of wall coverage horizontally.

What you should consider: Some users feel that the quality of these prints did not meet expectations.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top large canvas wall art for the money

Trademark Fine Art Late Summer Barn I Crop by Elizabeth Urquhart Canvas Wall Art 30

Trademark Fine Art Late Summer Barn I Crop by Elizabeth Urquhart, Canvas Wall Art 30×47 inches

What do you want to know: Cast in a beautiful blue-green haze, this pastoral photograph of an old barn is perfect for the rustic home.

What you will love: The 30 by 47 inch archival canvas is mounted on a natural wood substrate. It’s gallery wrapped, which means it has a seamless look that hangs beautifully unframed.

What you should consider: This photographic print does not come with a frame.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Giant Apex Huge Modern Abstract Giclee Artwork Canvas Print

Giant Apex Huge Modern Abstract Giclee Artwork Canvas Print

What do you want to know: Make a statement with this massive abstract expressionist artwork on your wall.

What you will love: Perfect for rooms with lots of empty wall space, this printed painting is sure to grab everyone’s attention. It measures 54 by 54 inches, but can also be purchased at a whopping 72 by 72 inches. Its mixed palette of blues and golds with a strong black mark pairs well with modern decor. The art is rendered with a high quality giclee inkjet printing process for a high resolution, vibrant and archival piece.

What you should consider: Shipping something this big is difficult, which is why the brand has developed a modular system that is easy to build yourself.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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