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“Asbestos Exposure: 2021 BFA Midway Exhibition” opens November 22 at the Grant Hall Gallery and showcases the art of 10 artists pursuing their Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNLV.

The students, halfway to their thesis exhibition, invite the public to discover their works in progress. The exhibition features drawing, digital work, painting, photography and mixed media based on photo, sculpture and textiles. It runs until December 3.

UNLV BFA 2021 students are:

  • Jared Anthony Dominique is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice revolves around photography. His work emphasizes the exploratory process and reflects the experiences and knowledge gained from surveying the Mojave Desert as well as cityscapes. This continuous search for new visual stimuli influences his other areas of practice, namely painting and mixed media collage. He recovers discarded materials and media in search of totemic rubbish and varieties of visual content as building blocks of his artistic practice. He was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and has lived in southern Nevada for 7 years.
  • Sleepy Ephem is a soft sculpting artist who works primarily with fibers and textiles. Her work uses repetition to emphasize the repetitive nature of housework that is often overlooked, as well as how individuals act as smaller parts that come together to create a larger whole. The organic shapes that she creates through this repetition are often reminiscent of nature, such as mountains, clouds or waves. She strives to capture moments of nature’s beauty before they inevitably fade away. She often pays homage to her Korean and Chinese culture by referring to ancient images and sayings in an attempt to preserve them as modernization threatens to erase them.
  • Johnny Espitia navigates his value placed on life experiences, gender and identity, with his affinities for psychedelia and abstraction. His photo-based practice often employs a mixed media collage approach that incorporates appropriate material from vintage gay porn magazines, religious iconography, hardware stores, and high fashion publications. Poetic documentation is also an essential part of his practice. Espitia was born in Southern California and arrived at UNLV in 2018.
  • Iulia Filipov-Serediuc is an interdisciplinary artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is of Romanian origin, which informs much of her work through cultural and traditional practices. Traditional processes for realizing modern concepts are fundamental to her studio practice. She uses foundry, metalwork, oil painting and printmaking to create images that span various artistic disciplines. Drawing inspiration from the Middle Ages and European obscurity as well as Old World aesthetics, his work focuses on the transition from life to death and explores ways to humanize and glorify as a means of creating a comfortable space for speech. Using elements of folklore and mythology, his work is able to explore the human experience through a fantastic lens.
  • Sam Ganados is a Las Vegas-based artist pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design and Media at UNLV. Working primarily in painting, they use unique color palettes and figures to explore the emotions of adolescence, nostalgia, and the transitions between life stages. They create compositions based on personal experiences, distorted memories and inner conflicts.
  • Lyn Hinojosa, originally just a painter, finds herself becoming an interdisciplinary artist working with media of all types. She uses her painting experience to create portraits of an era that comment on sexuality, intimacy and relationships with one another. She creates these images both in 2D and 3D space. Using bright colors and intimate compositions, these pieces yearn to be looked at and gazed at, and can appear scopophile.
  • Nanako Kono was born in 1999 in Tokyo. She moved from Japan to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking and a minor in Art History at UNLV. She paints Rolly, a frog character, as a vehicle for her emotions and thoughts to record what and how her brain processes information from everyday experiences. His art is inspired by 20th century American and Japanese comics.
  • Victor Molina is a digital artist who takes his audience to a sleepy restaurant that doesn’t exist. Thriftstore Milkshakes (which doesn’t sell milkshakes) is an absurd but heartwarming place fueled by a love for pastel colors, glowing lights, mythology, camp fashion, and pop culture. These sources of inspiration can be found

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