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FARGO – A new high-end jewelry store will open later this summer in the RDO building in downtown Fargo.

Owner Taylor Mertz told the Forum that the business will display and sell high-end contemporary art jewelry. The pieces presented will be handcrafted by established and emerging artists and made from noble materials.

She writes: “Think of it as art you can wear! Our collection includes a selection of unique engagement/union rings and original artwork. lots of perfumes, and pieces of personal adornment.”

The Salt Hill Gallery will open in the RDO building later this summer. The business will feature high-end, handcrafted jewelry by established and emerging artists, according to owner Taylor Mertz.

Contributed / Taylor Mertz

For more information, follow SaltHillGallery at

Moorhead Business Association will sponsor an annual fireworks display

The Moorhead Business Association continues its tradition of hosting a free 4th of July fireworks display for residents of Moorhead and surrounding communities.

Fireworks will depart from Horizon Park, 3801 24th Ave. S., at dusk (around 10:30 p.m., weather permitting), and will last approximately 25 minutes.

The park will be closed from 3.30pm for safety reasons (as the entirety of this area will be within the ‘explosion zone’), but the fireworks can be seen from almost anywhere in Moorhead .

July 4th FB Press Release Photo (1).png
The Moorhead Business Association will continue its tradition of sponsoring a 4th of July fireworks display this year.

Contribution / Moorhead Business Association

Parking will be blocked along 40th Street or 24th Avenue. Observers are free to park and approach; however, volunteers will monitor the distance. Please follow their instructions.

Watchers can also head to the Horizon Middle School or Career Academy VIP parking lots to enjoy their pre-planned festivities and enjoy the great views. Parking is $10 per vehicle and the lots open at 7:30 p.m.

For more information, follow the Moorhead Business Association’s Facebook page or contact Sheri Larson at [email protected]

Entrepreneurs are invited to register for the Virtual Lean Startup Program for free

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Midwest Minnesota and Fargo area are invited to participate in a free, virtual Lean Startup program led by ILT Academy, a St. Cloud-based educational technology startup with a focus on thinking design criticism and innovation. and start-up entrepreneurship.

Those interested in participating in the 10-week program, which runs every Thursday evening between July 28 and September 29, should register by July 13 at fargo-summer-2022/ . There are a limited number of openings available.

Nick Tietz, founder and CEO of ILT Studios, which established its ILT Academy in 2020, said participants don’t need start-up experience or a complete idea for a startup — just ambition. , motivation and courage. The Lean Startup Innovation Program will develop startup skills as participants work on their business ideas.

“A lean startup is a business and product development methodology that aims to shorten the product development cycle and discover if a business model is viable,” Tietz said via a press release. “Our platform empowers entrepreneurs with unique opportunities to connect, collaborate, and succeed faster by gaining better customer feedback and iterating through their proposed business model.”

Tietz added that by working on their business ideas, participants will learn and practice the skills needed to refine, explore, innovate and develop a plan for their business ideas. Participants will also connect with other entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors to become part of the startup entrepreneur community.

Each Thursday session will run from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The final evening, September 29, will include a Founder’s Showcase, where teams will have the opportunity to present their ideas to the regional startup community, business leaders and potential investors.

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