Carmen Grinkis, Ph.D, CLTC, CLU®, CFP®, Wealth Advisor and Associate Co-Director

Carmen Grinkis is a one-of-a-kind Certified Investment Advisor. Not only is she a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional, but she also holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. “I transitioned from psychology after 15 years to financial planning after joining my father’s retirement planning firm,” she explains. “I particularly enjoy helping clients focus their resources to support their best lives.”

His professional background may be a bit unorthodox, but his perspective as a psychologist brings surprising benefits to his financial planning work. “A big part of financial planning is life planning. I approach each client with the intention of adapting to their unique mind and goals,” says Carmen. love so much in personal financial planning.

“AT AAF Wealth Management, we serve as a Financial Sherpa for our clients, helping them navigate their financial journey, including money management, striving to provide peace of mind, helping them achieve their goals and ultimately, to thrive,” she continues. “We believe that the future our customers envision cannot be achieved through investment alone.”

In her role as a Financial Sherpa, Carmen is involved in a full range of services not typically part of a financial advisor’s experience. Instead, the focus is on the interplay of all the elements that make up a client’s financial life, including taxes, business interests, investments, philanthropy, insurance, and estate planning. . “We plan, implement, monitor and react in a way that keeps their financial plan on track and clearly highlights long-term goals,” she explains.

While her approach to financial planning and wealth management is structured, it is also highly individualized to match each client. “I love the uniqueness and originality of the clients I advise, from the professions they choose to the legacies they plan to leave. Each of our client’s goals is personal, distinctive and ongoing,” she says. “One of the things our clients have in common is that they have complex financial needs. It’s incredibly rewarding to understand their short- and long-term goals and leverage all available resources to help them integrate and coordinate all elements of their financial life.

Carmen’s creative spark allows her to bring new, unconventional ideas to financial planning, discovering “win-win” solutions that have a long-term positive impact on people. Whether it’s connecting with clients at Zoom wine tastings or working one-on-one with them to understand their complex financial needs, Carmen values ​​the close and personal relationships she develops with them by being a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) boutique. “We’re approaching $500 million in assets under management, and our organic growth is driven by client referrals, which is the biggest compliment we can get,” she says.

Carmen is proud to call Tiverton’s quaint home. She and her wife Kathrine “Kitty” Lovell, a beautiful artist who paints nature scenes, were the first female couple to marry in the city, days after it was legalized, having their wedding in their backyard.

She and Kitty are both active supporters of South Coast Artists, Inc. and the Tiverton Land Trust. They are also members of the Tiverton Yacht Club, the University Club of Providence and the LPGA Amateur Golf Association. When you see her around town, ask about her other passions, including music, vintage turntables, golf, squash, travel and outdoor adventure. “I don’t mean to brag,” she jokes, “but I’ve been awarded five times for Four Corner’s Art Center‘s annual Re-Tree event.” His entry into 2021 was a tribute to his late parents and their love of golf.

“I am deeply in love with my coastal region RI Sakonnet. We are surrounded by like-minded artists and creative people,” she says. “I remain deeply committed to the success of our Rhode Island community.”


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