Credit with negative Credit Bureau in comparison.

To compare the credit with negative Credit Bureau is not an easy task. You have to compare more than just the APR. The entire living situation and the alternatives should be considered.

Loan with negative Credit Bureau compared to the “normal loan”

Loan with negative Credit Bureau compared to the

Anyone who sees the loan with a negative Credit Bureau in comparison to the normal loan will first recognize the serious price differences. A negative Credit Bureau loan is expensive. Risk interest and fees drive up the cost of credit. The offers range from almost 12 percent APR. It is even more expensive than the overdraft facility that drives many people into debt.

The loan amounts are adjusted to the high credit risk – very little without Credit Bureau. An average of 3,500 USD, with an exception of 5,000 USD, is possible as a maximum loan amount. No credit comparison needs to be used to realize that loans without Credit Bureau cannot keep up with the usual loan offers. Added to this is the risk of becoming the victim of fraudsters due to emergencies.

Include life situation in the comparison

Include life situation in the comparison

There is no good or bad credit. The life situation decides which consequences result from a payment obligation. If the loan is applied for with a paid Credit Bureau entry and a good income situation, then it is unproblematic. Borrowing costs and interest play no decisive role. They can be worn and the credit process goes smoothly on the first try.

With an overwhelming debt burden, the credit with negative Credit Bureau is a real risk factor in comparison. Reputable credit providers are likely to reject the loan or impose additional conditions. Often only dubious providers promise a credit opportunity. The risk of not getting a loan and still paying is huge.

In life situations that seem hopeless, it is always advisable to get professional help. Debt counseling centers even offer the necessary assistance free of charge.

Personal loan or credit intermediary

Personal loan or credit intermediary

A credit with a negative Credit Bureau entry that can not only come from abroad or through credit intermediaries. Various portals have been offering contact to private donors for several years. The business idea is based on the fact that not everyone who does not get a loan from commercial credit providers is a bad debtor.

Private lenders are not bound by extensive legal regulations. You are free to choose who is creditworthy and who is not. The idea has become a recipe for success. Fair credit opportunities and equally fair credit costs can be used in this way, despite poor creditworthiness. Not everyone is allowed at Fine Lender Bank, the largest portal. With a negative Credit Bureau, at least the scoring value H must be achieved. Other platforms are more revealing in this regard.



If you are looking for a credit opportunity with a negative Credit Bureau, you have to expect restrictions. Low loan amounts and high costs make the loan offers rather unattractive. It may be cheaper to try one of the private lending portals.

In comparison, a credit with a negative Credit Bureau is neither good nor bad. The life situation decides whether it is “only” a normal loan or a risky money business. If in doubt, the professional help of debt counseling should always be sought.

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