Essential Tips for Collecting Jasper Johns Stamps

Once a collector has their new Johns print, they will want to keep it in the same pristine condition in which it was purchased. A good framework, according to all the experts we spoke to, is absolutely essential. “Get archival guidance,” Sheehan advised. While it can often cost somewhere in the thousands of dollars range, the investment is well worth it.

Care should also be taken when deciding where to display the job. Moisture and direct sunlight should be avoided at all costs – moisture causes brown spots, while sunlight will fade all colors in a print in no time. “Don’t hang it over your air conditioner or dishwasher! Griffith warned. Getting UV resistant plexiglass and / or having the frame hermetically sealed is also helpful. As for finding the perfect spot to hang a print, Garfield suggested hallways or rooms where nuances are drawn. Collectors can also get special protective tints for their windows.

No matter where a collector chooses to hang their new Johns print, it is a purchase that should bring a great deal of satisfaction, not only from the piece itself, but also from the research and research process. “Johns would like people to create the puzzle in their own way,” Leibowitz reflected.

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