Ex-banker Tim Leissner posed as his ex-wife when he was dating Kimora Lee Simmons

In a bizarre turn of events, the former Goldman Sachs banker Tim Leissner admitted he posed as his then-wife, the Chinese heiress Judy Chan to convince his now estranged wife, a businesswoman Kimora Lee Simmonsthat her marriage to Chan was over, Bloomberg reports.

The German-born investment banker testified under oath on Tuesday as a witness against the former Goldman banker Roger Ngwho is on trial for his involvement in the 1MDB scandal.

Leissner corroborated that NG conspired with him to help the Malaysian financier Jho down to launder billions of dollars from the Malaysian government into a fraudulent government development fund 1MDB, according to Bloomberg.

Leissner revealed in court how he created a fake email account using Chan, his ex-wife’s name, to woo Simmons and convince the former model and reality TV star he was divorced. His deceitful actions paid off when he finally married Simmons.

Simmons even invited wine heiress Chan on vacation with her. Leissner, however, electronically impersonating his ex-wife, refused, TMZ reports.

Leissner, while describing Chan in an email, told Simmons that a car accident prevented her from visiting him, according to Bloomberg.

Marc AgnifiloNg’s attorney, wanted the jury to challenge Leissner’s reliability by showing that he is a “rare crafty liar,” Agnifilo told the judge.

“It was a whole life that you completely falsified because you made it all up?” said Agnifilo accusing the 52-year-old banker.

“Correspondence, yes,” confirmed Leissner. “But a lifetime may be too far.”

The two-time bigamist also admitted in Brooklyn federal court on Thursday that he twice forged divorce papers, from Chan and another unidentified woman, to marry Simmons. At the same time, he was still legally married to Chan, according to at the New York Post.

Leissner also admitted to using a fake email address to communicate with Low when the financier contacted Chan in 2016 to sell artwork to his family, he said, according to Bloomberg.

“Jho was trying to monetize the painting and several others, and he wanted to see if Judy or her family could help him,” Leissner recalled.

Agnifilo pressed Simmons’ estranged husband and asked him why he was pretending to be Chan while corresponding with Low.

“I wanted to protect Judy from him,” Leissner said. “I wanted to pacify him or be friends. I wanted to make an effort or look like I was trying to help her.

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