Falcon Global Capital CEO Somia Khawaja on Offering Exclusivity Through Custom Investments

Tell us about the company and its milestones.
Falcon Global Capital was created by an experienced group of investment, real estate and financial experts. The company prides itself on transparency and exclusivity. We deliver what we promote, without exposing our customers to unnecessary risk. We specialize in proven, blue-chip assets, as well as investing in up-and-coming artists and businesses for our most discerning clients. We have built strong and lasting relationships based on trust with our customers, and this is a key factor in making us
a favorite company for some investors.

Tell us about the company’s “open architecture” approach.
Our open architecture strategy removes all limitations of traditional investment options for our clients. If they want to invest in art and have a favorite artist, we get them the artwork. If they like a certain type of property, but want it in a specific location, we can also identify and organize it for them. We also help them invest in the “latest trend”, company or IPO, if they wish. We do not and will never put our customers in a box. Every product and every investment is tailored to the client’s needs, wants and tastes, whether it’s a Falcon Global Capital product or a product owned by third parties.

The US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates, with further hikes on the cards. How has this affected investor sentiment?
With central banks raising interest rates and rising inflation, those who spend their savings are doing well, however, that is not how the majority of the world lives day to day. While the wealthy benefit from rising interest rates but demand more from investment firms such as ours, the day-to-day working professional with an increased cost of living to cover must now more than ever, make every dollar count. What we at Falcon Global Capital see are people looking for new ways to make money. It can be a novice investor or a rich and experienced client with an excellent portfolio. Gone are the days of people just handing over their hard-earned cash because of the name above the door. People want ideas, strategy and some form of consistency and dependency in a world that is currently
knows uncertainty.

How do investors create a balanced portfolio in these uncertain times?
Creating a balanced portfolio is exactly that, being balanced. Although we understand that cryptocurrencies are the latest hype and many people have made a lot of money by investing at the right time; putting all your eggs in this volatile basket is never advisable. We know it too well. Having a hedged and therefore balanced and calculated portfolio offers consistency and security. We don’t run a get-rich-quick scheme, and we don’t want to waste our clients’ money where it can be helped. If you must invest in high-risk, high-reward products, such as digital currencies, these must be financially balanced with stable and proven tangible assets that deliver and have been proven to deliver consistently .

What are the main facets of the firm’s investment technology platform?
Any investment firm worth investing in, in 2022, will have a dedicated user and client platform, which can be either a minefield, an unused app, or a trusted source of information. . Like our approach to business, we like our platform to be clear, simple and precise. Everything a customer needs can be provided through the platform, everything a customer needs can be discussed with a “real” person. It’s important to us; we never want technology to get in the way of a conversation that could lead in so many more positive directions.

What key investment trends have you seen over the past 12-18 months?
Over the past 12 to 18 months, we have noticed a marked shift in sentiment among our investors, old and new. Previously, customers were only interested in yield and security, which is completely understandable for a passive investment. These days, we’ve noticed that our clients take an active interest in everything they invest in, especially when it comes to assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and art. Many customers, without prior knowledge or interest in art, are now interested in NFTs. Maybe they’ve seen their kids play Minecraft or sell Roebucks, but either way, it’s interesting how passive investing can foster interest in a trend or topic.

What alternative investments have gained traction lately?
Fine drinks and classic art will always have their place. Until very recently, the luxury watch market was seemingly and almost incredibly unstoppable. However, one asset class in which Falcon Global Capital remains heavily involved is classic, super and rare cars. Not only because they are a passion for us and we know the market well, but also because there is a level of longing and nostalgia that stirs the emotions of our customers in a changing world where the engine gasoline is on the verge of extinction and electric is the new world of buzz. With connections all over the world, we have kept our motor enthusiast clientele very happy, with feedback to match.

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