Five CD 3 candidates raised $ 100,000 or more in the last quarter; James St. George has the most money in hand

Second quarter fundraising reports are available, but the pecking order remains virtually unchanged in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District Republican primary.

Ten candidates are competing for the GOP nomination to replace US Rep. Ted yoho in the District of North Central Florida, making it Florida’s busiest primary race this cycle.

The doctor is at the head of the pack James saint georges, who added just over $ 500,000 to his campaign account between April 1 and June 30. Before July, he had about $ 635,000 in the bank.

Most of this money came from St. George itself. He followed up on his $ 200,000 loan in the first quarter with a $ 400,000 loan last quarter. To date, he has raised $ 336,291 from donors.

Clay County Businessman Judson Sapp followed up with $ 486,000 on hand. He also staked his campaign with his own money, lending the account $ 250,000 in the first quarter and did it again in the second trimester. Including the loans, $ 746,103 was deposited into his campaign account, with approximately $ 487,000 remaining as of July 30.

Kat Cammack, a former Yoho staff member, was at # 3 by the deadline. She raised just under $ 255,000 in the past three months – all from donors – and ended the quarter with around $ 330,000 to spend. To date, the Cammack campaign has raised $ 461,892, including $ 20,000 in loans.

In fourth place was the former town commissioner of Gainesville Todd chase. His report showed $ 150,299 in contributions and $ 98,390 in expenses, leaving him $ 188,497 in the tank heading into the final six weeks of the main campaign. Its total is not reinforced by any candidate loan.

Clay County businesswoman rose through the ranks in final quarter Amy Pope Wells. It went from a little over $ 10,000 in the bank on March 31 to $ 140,000 on hand on June 30. The increase was fueled by $ 161,984 in second quarter dues and fairly light expenses of $ 21,513.

The only other candidate to enter the home stretch with over $ 100,000 to spend was Clay County Commissioner Gavin Rollins, which totaled approximately $ 64,000 in dues and spent $ 36,030. The report was slow compared to the first, although this report received a candidate loan of $ 50,000. He started July with $ 128,000 in hand.

Ryan chamberlin is the last competitor of the GOP with a substantial balance. He ended the qualifying period with approximately $ 67,000 on hand. In the second quarter, he raised $ 46,160 and spent $ 80,421. To date, the author and speaker has raised $ 121,253 from donors and contributed $ 30,000 of his own money.

Bill Engelbrecht, Joe dallas millado and David theus will also appear on the Republican primary ballot on August 18, although all are lagging considerably or have yet to submit their second quarter reports.

CD 3 covers Alachua, Bradford, Clay, Putnam and Union counties as well as part of Marion. It’s a safe Republican seat that has become open this cycle after Yoho who kept his promise at the term of office himself out of office.

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