Forbes: Top Real Estate Professionals to Watch in 2022

Buying a new home is one of the most important investments we make in our lifetime, and when it comes to buying or selling a property, real estate professionals play a crucial role in the process.

Whether it’s helping individuals buy their first apartment, helping families find their dream home to raise their children, or securing the ultimate retirement property, these professionals are essential in unlocking the perfect house. However, the real estate market is incredibly competitive and standing out from the crowd while providing buyers with the best experience possible has never been more difficult.

These ten real estate superstars are helping to transform the industry, delivering an innovative approach that helps them reach more buyers and help them find their perfect new home. The next 12 months are going to be a very exciting time for these ten real estate professionals, and it’s certainly going to be exciting to see how they continue to grow.

Matt Klinowski

With over 150 golf communities in Southwest Florida, finding the perfect home isn’t just daunting, it is. Different golf clubs offer different equipment, courses and lifestyles. Finding out what’s really right for you requires an insider’s perspective.

It requires Matt Klinowskiaka The Naples Golf Guy.

Matt is the area’s most trusted resource when it comes to buying and selling golf community homes in the Southwest Florida. He has nearly 20 years of experience, connections coast to coast and knows every club like the back of his hand. He’s always ahead of the game, so his clients don’t have to be.

A relentless entrepreneur, who is admittedly not a “self-promoter”, Matt has built a thriving business by combining his passion for golf and real estate. But what really matters to him are the people. He has a natural ability to connect with his customers and ensures their happiness time and time again.

Bill Gardner

Bill is a firefighter who spent his life knowing he wanted to be in the real estate business. After graduating from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Commercial CommunicationsBill moved to Columbus, Ohio. For a few years Bill started working in the insurance industry as a sales representative from 1985 to 1989 with Combined Wensurance/Capitol American Wensurance and New York life.

In 2004, tired of the cold of OhioBill became licensed in the state of Florida like a Licensed Real Estate Professional Agent and started selling and listing properties in the Grand Miami Metropolitan Area. Bill quickly became a successful real estate agent and in his first two years completed 60 real estate transactions.

Due to this huge success, Bill decided that owning his own business again was the best way to serve his community and achieve his financial goals, and thus the newest brokerage in the Greater Miami Florida has been created: Global Luxury Realty, LLC. He was appointed to Florida Association of Realtors and has more than 600 agents and 8000 transactions to its credit.

Devin Schlaufman

Devin has always had a knack for selling and knew from an early age that selling real estate was his dream job. After making the transition 6 years ago, she quickly climbed into the Top 5% of colorado springs Officers. Although his business consists primarily of referrals, it is clear that Devin’s commitment to his clients is unwavering. She truly believes in putting the needs of her clients first and going the extra mile to ensure her clients achieve their real estate goals. The opportunity to help a client with one of her most important investments of her life is something she never takes lightly.

Devin’s real estate journey is deep as she was born into a family of real estate investors. She has been involved in several repairs and turnarounds and currently owns and operates 3 vacation rental properties with her husband in 3 different states. In her spare time, Devin spends quality time with her husband and three beautiful children.

Jaqueline Small

As responsible broker at Royal Estate, Jacqueline Small believes in hard work and is a tremendous advocate for his loyal customers. Having learned the ropes from her mother at a young age, Jacqueline formally got involved in real estate right out of college, when she got into property management. With over a decade of experience, she now helps clients navigate the real estate market by Hawaii. Always striving to go above and beyond for her clients and colleagues Royal Estate Agents, Jacqueline is a natural problem solver who believes in out-of-the-box solutions. This original thought currently leads him to work on a complete rebranding of the company in 2022 and on multiple exclusive partnerships.

Mona Wang

Mona Wang real estate portfolio is perfect, being a graduate of from Columbia University Graduate School of ArchitecturePlanning and Preservation with a Masters in Real estate development it has become one of the best sellers in one of the most competitive markets in United States, San Francisco Bay Area. As she got her start in and around the bay area with a virtual reality startup, Mona’s expertise and attention to detail led her to build relationships in booming markets across the states. But Mona’s expertise doesn’t stop at referrals.

Going beyond is a protocol for Mona. Whether she is in Palo Alto From building brand new 3500 square foot luxury homes to buying properties well below market value only to turn them into an exponential profit, Mona’s services are all about finishing and starting strong. It’s no surprise that Mona was in the top 5% of Bay Area agents after selling nearly $30 million in his first year.

Ricki Manahan

Ricki is known as “The Huntress of Tahoe”!

Her clients have grown rapidly over the past 25 years from coast to coast as she is the matchmaker between sellers and buyers.

A champion of negotiation, strategic marketing and a specialist in the luxury market. She is a veteran in the people business and has a strong work ethic to succeed in anything she does. She has an unparalleled desire for success which is fueled by her persistence in pleasing her clients with confidence and compassion for others. “I am a quick study. Once I understand what my clients’ goals and key attributes are for their investment, vacation or primary residence, I will do everything in my power to find properties on in-market or out-of-market until I find the perfect solution.”

Jessica Rame

Continually rising to the top of client demands, Jessica provides superior service with exceptional problem solving, direct communication and professional dedication. Zen and unpretentious, Jessica delivers 5-star service at every level.

Recognized as a Who’s Who 2021 in American companyNevada recipient, Real Estate Expert blog contributor, Top 9 Henderson Realtor by Property Spark and exclusive member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

Gina Odome

Gina has an innate talent for real estate and has proven to have a keen business sense. While learning the ropes of the family construction business, she learned to read blueprints, provide estimates and understand inspections. Quickly, she realized that she didn’t want to wear a tool belt but wanted to continue helping people. This, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, led her to real estate, an industry in which her extensive knowledge of residential construction has served her clients well for the past seventeen years.

She appreciates the art of the transaction and loves the nuances of real negotiation and finding common ground for buyer and seller. She is a natural problem solver and enjoys providing excellent customer service.

Lance McHan

Working with the right real estate agent is essential when it comes to selling your property or finding your dream home. With a complete vision and understanding of the community, the market and, most importantly, the people within Stockton, Californiaand the surrounding area, he knows what it takes to help you find your ideal property.

He prides himself on taking the time to diligently understand your goals and ambitions, which allows me to understand precisely what you are looking for. Trust, transparency and integrity are essential to him, and you can have peace of mind that he will work to help you unlock your dream home.

Lily Campbell

at Lily Campbell success can be summed up by her promise to her clients “Your satisfaction is everything to me” Lily comes from an academic background where she was a teacher and counselor to many students at a university in China. When she started her real estate career 24 years ago, she never imagined she would be ranked the #1 agent in all Orange County for the years 2021, 2022, and agent #1 in Fountain Valley for 21 years. Lily currently has 11 agents working on her team and 2 full-time office and marketing staff. Lily’s team is considered the Dream Team of Orange County with more than 248 sales in 2021.

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