Gift/Deeds exhibition in progress at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Where do we even begin to look?

Garcia: We have a lot of great institutions, especially in Philadelphia, where you can visit collections. There are also galleries, commercial galleries, non-profit galleries. For example, the Print Center. For my part, I mainly collected works by women. I thought they were available and often overlooked and worthy of attention. True, in the exhibition there were works of women.

What made you decide to offer your art collection to a museum and why PAFA?

Garcia: Well, there comes a time when you want to share these things. A way to share things [with the public] who made you happy. PAFA is a very distinguished institution, [it] has a lot to offer and a long reach in the community. I have also been involved in higher education all my life. And I really thought that an institution that serves the public and has a student body is a perfect combination.

When people enter the exhibition, what can they expect?

Dr Webb: I hope people will expect to see work that surprises them. There are gifts to be seen from the Potamkins, who donated works made in the 20th and 21st centuries. Ofelia Garcia’s prints are in our beautiful gallery of works on paper, it’s a nice mix of: watercolor, drawing on paper, collage, print, just really aware of the amazing work of women artists. Gifts from Harold and Ann Sorgenti, this is an abstract art gallery of African American artists. There is a sculpture gallery donated to PAFA paper by collector Linda Lee Alter. There’s a gallery of stunning 20th-century art on View by collector Bernice Wintersteen. And a very nice gallery of works that play with an assortment of figurative and somewhat figured abstract works donated to PAFA by Robert Kohler.

Dr Brittany Webb. (Courtesy of Webb)

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