HBO Max fixes ‘Harry Potter’ reunion errors


Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts arrived on HBO Max this weekend, providing a nostalgic treat for fans as they ring in the New Year. But very soon after its premiere, eagle eyed Harry potter fans quickly noticed a few errors – which the streamer has now corrected.

Namely, a photo that was supposed to be young Emma Watson (who played Harry’s close friend Hermione in the franchise) was actually tagged as Emma. Roberts. The snapshot is from the american horror story Instagram of the star. Obviously, someone on the team confused the two actresses, and it doesn’t help that Roberts at a young age bears a striking resemblance to Watson as a child.

The growers have since fixed the issue, issuing the following statement to Weekly entertainment: “Well done, Harry Potter fans! You reported an error editing a mislabeled photo to our attention. New version available soon.

But there was another blunder that was picked up by the public – and Harry potter cast member Oliver Phelps. Known for his role as Ron’s brother George Weasley, Phelps featured in the reunion alongside his brother James, who played Fred Weasley … except their names at the bottom of the screen were reversed. Phelps posted a screenshot of the incident on Instagram, noting that it was “fantastic to be a part of the HP meeting”:

While HBO Max has yet to acknowledge the confusion over the Phelps brothers, it appears the names have been swapped to accurately reflect the on-screen actors. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can grab the (fixed) Harry potter reunion special now exclusively on HBO Max.

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