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TWIN FALLS – Tattoo artist Sergio Larios discovered the art at a young age and turned that passion into a successful business.

After a car accident many years ago resulted in a spinal injury that left him paralyzed, Larios left Idaho to rediscover himself.

After a stint in Ashland, Oregon, and some time overseas, Larios found his way back to Twin Falls.

“I learned what I needed to learn on my own, and when I was ready to come back here I did,” said Larios.

On Mother’s Day 2020, Larios opened La Rosa Linda tattoo parlor, named after her mother.

He encourages his clients to view their tattoos as an investment in themselves.

Larios sees his life as a series of rich experiences, “even though it’s under these lights, in this little corner,” he said.

He views the work he does as a way to build meaningful relationships while helping his client achieve their tattoo goals.

Larios has worked hard to create an aesthetic that speaks culturally while creating a safe and warm environment.

“I want people to know that they are safe in their thoughts and energy,” he said.

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Larios did a lot of botanical and geometric work using fine black and gray line techniques. He likes to do big pieces because of the amount of detail that can be incorporated.

The use of technology allows Larios to design work anywhere, anytime. Using powerful software on his tablet streamlined his processes and allowed him to improve his game.

“I dove into works of art that I probably wouldn’t have had before,” he said.

Larios is a big supporter of small business owners, saying “you are creating your own dream or working for someone else’s dream”.

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