Leading galleries launch NFTs with Monegraph

NEW YORK, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The first galleries of United States have launched their own e-commerce platforms to hit, sell and distribute NFTs directly to the market.

Using Mongraph NFT ready to use E-commerce platform, art galleries, auction houses and individual artists open their crypto art galleries and auction rooms directly to collectors around the world. This week, Honor Fraser Gallery, Postmasters and bitforms opened their own galleries and online marketplaces.

“NFTs are a tool that offers so many new opportunities for artists and creatives working in digital medium, and we have only scratched the surface of what is possible,” said gallery owner Fraser. “Whether it’s for established painters or aspiring digital artists, I’m thrilled to work with Monegraph because they understand the metaverse and its technology like no one else in the market.”

The NFT ready to use The Ecommerce Platform is Monegraph’s software that provides online tools for galleries and marketplace owners to leverage fully branded ecommerce experiences for multiple crypto art collections. Digital assets are created using Monegraph’s digital rights management and protection technology. Currently, this set of NFT infrastructure tools are used by museums, auction houses and now independent galleries and are now able to launch their self-managed NFT markets in just a few days. The platform supports several blockchains, including energy efficient alternatives such as Polygon. To view the latest marketplaces powered by Monegraph, please visit:

Honor Fraser Gallery – Synthetic wilderness

Artists: Nancy Baker Cahill

Post Masters BC

binary forms

Tamas Banovich of Postmasters Gallery commented, “We can now directly tap our own NFT markets with minimal upfront investment. The system gives our artists the freedom to explore the full creative potential of NFTs without limitations imposed by other platforms and built in such a way that crypto collectors can be trusted.

Digital artist Nancy Baker Cahill said: “Monegraph’s approach offers an example of how NFTs can introduce much-needed protections into the practices and work of artists, and it is a model that I will apply in my own future projects to ensure their provenance and longevity. “

Eder Holguin, Marketing Director of Monegraph, said: “We are delighted to work with such prestigious private galleries around the world. Over the past six months, sales of NFT have generated $ 3.0 billion In income. The world is starting to discover the possibilities that surround NFTs and Monegraph is leading the way in showing artists and galleries how to participate directly without giving away valuable sales proceeds to crowded markets and, most importantly, without requiring a heavy investment in technology or dilute their brand. “

Monegraph provides the tools and understanding to ensure digital asset success for creators and their communities. The company was founded in 2014 by Kevin mccoy, the inventor of the NFT concept. Of the society NFT ready to use The e-commerce platform offers brands and their creators the ability to quickly launch and operate their own crypto markets, backed by preeminent digital rights protection technology.

To find out more, visit https://monegraph.com/product/

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