“Lights, Camera” by Moray School of Art graduate. . . ReAction ‘takes place in the new Pop gallery

A NEW contemporary art gallery in Forres is holding an exhibition of a Moray School of Art graduate who missed a physical degree last year due to restrictions related to the pandemic.

Corrine Marshall, 28, from Glasgow, relishes the chance to finally exhibit her video installation Lights, Camera… ReAction at Gallery Pop, a new gallery and exhibition space that has opened in downtown Forres June 1.

Corrine studied fine arts at the Moray School of Art. She said: “The show is what would have been my graduation show for June 2021. However, due to Covid, this was limited to a purely online submission.

“It turned out to be quite a challenge for the students, so it was an incredible opportunity and experience to finally put the work in a physical setting now that the restrictions continue to be lifted.”

The SSA award winner was invited to show her work at Gallery Pop by owner Georgina Porteous.

Lights, Camera… ReAction offers video installations that deal with issues surrounding the life of Corrine who grew up in a strict religious home for 21 years.

Corrine said: “I compare such control with the manipulation of women in the media, referring to the ‘Me Too’ movement.

“By confronting the themes of child abuse and violence against women within the film industry, my work draws attention to the impact of such trauma on the body.

“My motivation to find out about such issues comes from the fact that I grew up in a strict religious home.

The “Lights, Camera… ReAction” exhibition by Moray School of Art graduate Corrine Marshall is underway at Gallery Pop, a new contemporary art gallery in Forres. Photo: Daniel Forsyth.

“By correlating religious repression with female coercion in today’s media, I hope to raise awareness of the destructive hold that such education can have on individuals as well as the detrimental effects it can have on people. childhood and social structures of victims. “

The artist added: “The exhibition was a very good experience and very necessary because the exhibition is the culmination of a four year course, so it’s great to see the reactions of people and people. engage with them.

“What we found out is – and it may be related to Covid and isolation – that a lot of people are opening up, because the work is quite emotional, and they talk about their own backgrounds and experiences. . “

Georgina describes Gallery Pop as a first for the region as the only non-profit contemporary art exhibition space on a main street in Moray or the Highlands.

She said: “We are an international platform for contemporary art and we will support a new graduate every year.”

Lights, Camera… ReAction will take place at Gallery Pop until Saturday August 7th.

The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday, at 44 High Street.

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