Milligan Open Submissions for Dos Gatos Art Exhibit – Milligan Stampede

Milligan University is currently accepting submissions for the 2022 Dos Gatos Coffee Bar Art Show in downtown Johnson City. The showcase includes works from the Milligan Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Interactive Media programs. Students interested in submitting must deliver their work to the Derthick Art Gallery by January 31 at 4 p.m.

According to an email sent to students from associate communications professor Art Brown, the opening reception for the show titled “Two Cats + A Herd of Buffalo” will take place Feb. 4 from 6-8 p.m. Students are encouraged. to invite family, friends and teachers. The show will start on February 4 and end on February 28.

“Opening night was an especially fun event for our students, especially when they also invite friends and family…drop by, order some great coffee or food, and enjoy the exhibit,” Brown said. .

The 2020 Dos Gatos art exhibition featuring the work of a Milligan student, taken by Will Major, Milligan’s photography teacher that year.

Senior Kat Baylor, who plans to submit her own work, said the art show was a great opportunity to showcase local work and student creations.

“It’s a great time for students to present their work to the public,” she said.

Brown gave insight into the past of Milligan students displaying their off-campus work in downtown Johnson City.

“For many years it was an annual tradition for students to display their work downtown in an exhibition called ‘Art from the Buffalo School’ at Nelson Fine Art & Frames,” he said.

However, once that venue was remodeled, Milligan was left searching for a new space to showcase his work.

“Dos Gatos is also owned by Dick Nelson, and we were able to move the show there in 2019 and rename the show ‘Two Cats + A Herd of Buffalo’ to fit the new cafe,” Brown said.

This semester, the Dos Gatos Art Show will also feature works from Milligan’s new Interactive Media Design program.

Masks will be required for all attendees this year as Dos Gatos follows current CDC regulations.

Title photo by Will Major

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