On the Avenue art gallery spotlights northern artists at provincial art fair


The Prince Albert Gallery is one of 17 galleries across the province to host online and in-person exhibitions

Prince Albert’s On the Avenue Art Gallery is one of two new additions to the annual provincial art fair Art Now, and curator Jesse Campbell says it’s a great opportunity to showcase artists from the North.

On the Avenue is one of 17 galleries presenting exhibits at the annual art fair, which runs online through September 26. Residents can also visit the gallery in person from September 24-25 to see 38 pieces by 10 different artists, and go online to see panel discussions and talks by artists from across the province.

“It’s really exciting because it’s a great opportunity to work with a wide variety of artists, curators, writers and arts professionals,” said Campbell. “(These are) not only (artists) from Saskatchewan, but arts professionals who have roots in Saskatchewan, but who live further afield. There are a lot of opportunities, I think, to create interesting experiences with art and to examine a variety of artistic subjects made on the Prairies. “

Galleries across the province will feature a wide variety of artists, but On the Avenue has chosen to focus on the work of members of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band.

Campbell said arts education takes a different form in the north, where families and communities pass skills on to younger generations rather than universities or art schools. This has created a unique artistic tradition that is rarely presented on the provincial scene.

“I think it really shows how a lot of people have traditionally lived in northern Saskatchewan,” said Campbell. “There is a lot of work that is quite descriptive and narrative. It’s not very abstract, but you still experience distinct feelings and moods that manifest in the work.

Variety is what stands out the most for Campbell. The exhibit features everything from paintings and sculptures to traditional Indigenous art forms like the birch bark bite. Many of the materials are also traditional, with exhibitors taking advantage of wood and wood to create their pieces.

“It’s a really good look at what the artists are doing north of us here in Pennsylvania,” Campbell said. “I hope (viewers) will understand a bit of what northern artists focus on, the types of materials they use and how there is a lot of tradition that is passed down through the artwork. “

Art Now held its opening reception online on September 16, where viewers got a glimpse of the more than 600 works of art on display across the province. In just three days, more than 3,000 visitors logged in to view the exhibits.

Campbell also helped organize a series of artist talks and panels, which will continue throughout the week. This includes an artist talk with Molly R. Ratt on September 21, presented by the On the Avenue Art Gallery. Replays of previous conferences are available on the SaskGalleries YouTube page.

In-person events are limited to two days only. Campbell said it was an unfortunate side effect of COVID-19, but she is confident the online exhibits will wow art lovers across the province.

To register for upcoming artist panels and conferences, or to see past ones, visit artnow.ca/online/events.

This is Art Now’s sixth year of activity. It celebrates the variety and quality of original fine art made in Saskatchewan. All shows are free to attend or see.

Upcoming Online Events for Art Now Saskatchewan Art Fair

Sunday September 19

1 p.m. – Panel Session n ° 4: C (l) ash culture: can indigenous artists make a living without selling themselves

Tuesday September 21

1:30 p.m. – Artist presentation: Sandra Knoss

4:30 p.m. – Artist presentation: Molly R. Ratt *

7 p.m. – Panel Session n ° 5: Art as Life – the Creative Process

Wednesday September 22

Noon – Artist talk: Edie Marshall

3 p.m. – Artist talk: Shelley Hosaluk

Thursday 23 September

1:30 p.m. – Artist presentation: Maia Stark

3 p.m. – Artist talk: Michaela Hoppe

Sunday September 26

Noon – Artist talk: Dave Gejdos

1:30 p.m. – Artist Talk: Arlette Seib

* Presented by On the Avenue Art Gallery



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