Opening a new path for NFTs


So what The NFT Renaissance collection and why does it stand out? As one of the world’s first exclusive NFT collections of 4,000 redeemable whiskeys, hiding as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, the project introduces the concept of a ‘living metaverse’, where functionalities that have attracted many NFTs are intertwined with the culture and way of life in the physical world. The Rebirth has a vast metaverse world history that takes the community into the distant future and playfully weaves whiskey with the art and story behind it. Each NFT is backed by a physical bottle of whiskey that owners can redeem. Upon redemption, the NFT transforms into an evolved image, allowing continued ownership or a new trade. The NFT also represents a cult membership that allows exclusive access to real-life and metaverse events in the future. The project seamlessly combines the best attributes of NFT ownership and commerce, as well as real community building mechanisms.

Dragon-i, the biggest club in Hong Kong, has been transformed into haunting visuals of the world of The Rebirth, under the creative direction of COR and Hong Kong-based artist, Eric pang. The iconic nightclub red is replaced with a distinct neon blue for the night, and the visuals of The Rebirth looped throughout the packed room. There was also a free whiskey tasting provided by Ceilidhs Whiskey and the presence of Monaco Planet, a recently sold out NFT project featuring NFT Yachts, which helped sponsor the event. Most interesting is the diverse crowd that attended. While most of the crypto and NFT centric events have attracted those from the industry, this teaser night brought together people from all industries, testifying to the power and potential of callable NFTs as an investment asset.

Presented in partnership between CEILIDHS, a premium whiskey brand from a private whiskey fund, COR and MOVE NETWORK, The Rebirth will launch its private sale before Christmas and will offer a public sale in January. As a project that has proven its ability to bridge the gap between the emerging NFT space and the physical world, The Rebirth is a promising project, Hong Kong project born with global potential. The partnership team has expressed interest in becoming a regional and global powerhouse, paving the way for widespread adoption of NFTs.

To see the teaser video of the NFT project, please click here –

About ceilidhs
Ceilidhs aims to make the unusual luxury of single malt, single cask and cask Strength whiskeys more accessible and is committed to bringing the archaic perception of whiskey to life by reinventing the whiskey experience. Ceilidhs differentiates itself from other brands by focusing on products and customer interactions that allow true discovery and the unpretentious enjoyment of great whiskeys.

About COR
COR is a brand born from an assemblage of multifaceted creatives who aim to fill new forms of experiences for the next generation in a decentralized world. COR aims to create and organize all forms of digital and physical artistic expressions: art, music, design, technology, fashion, installations, live events and more. COR is here to recontextualize the heart of the human experience.

COR brought in artists such as Eric pang and Andrew Bebebop Wong at Digital Art Fair 2021 and IMX Hyperart NFT Showcase.

About the MOVE network
MOVE Network aims to be the world’s largest NFT aggregator covering a wide range of NFT products. MOVE Network enables businesses and start-ups to capture value today by using blockchain technologies to trade, stake, create and auction assets. The MOVE network includes the MOVE marketplace, the $ MOVD token and the MOVE chain. Users can use MOVE Network to own NFT IP addresses covering entertainment, music, artwork, and e-sports. The MOVE team collaborates with various IP distribution partners for the issuance of NFT in Asia and North America and recently raised 1.5 million US dollars in investing in the seed cycle.



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