Otters Universe Releases First NFT Collectible Otters

Hong Kong, China, June 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Otters Universe has launched the first-of-its-kind collectible Otters NFT which will also offer holders premium access to the Otters Universe family in the metaverse.

4813 Otters, sold at 0.8 ETH each, will soon meet everyone. Join the few destinies who have the will to explore and discover the universe. Otters Universe is a family of explorers who explore, discover and create.

Future giveaways and auctions will include special collaborations with different brands. The company is currently preparing for future utility uses for Holders, such as exclusive merchandising drops, access to future pop-up events, and pending strains for Holders.

It’s an exciting and new way to position cannabis cultivation in the NFT space. When the user joins the army of Otters Universe, they will create amazing unique collectible artwork, join an awesome community, and more!

Otters Universe is an art project created by beautiful artists and comes to life on the metaverse. In Otter Universe, users are all in the same artistic project. Everyone is a creator; all users have the ability to decide what to create. Otters Universe combines Fine Art and NFT together, artwork is printed and posted in large traditional canvas frames, and an NFT certificate is attached.

Who are the Otters?

Otters are very intelligent yet cute creatures. It was discovered by parallel universe traveler Gokic Yahe, who named this universe the Otters universe.

Space traveler Gokic Yahe accidentally discovered this universe during a random exploration mission. These cute creatures live on different planets, otters on each planet have different civilizations and races.

Yahe has produced an illustrated book “the guide to otters” to list otters. Circulating in the human universe.

The project aims to:

  • Developing a community-driven comic about how Gokic Yahe explores the different Otter universes.
  • Gift a Premium Membership to the Otters Universe Family with FREE merchandise, tickets to VIP events and more.
  • A portion of the proceeds are donated to Otter-related charities around the world.
  • Play to win game

Project details:

  • Blockchain: ETH
  • Number of collectibles: 4813
  • Pre-mint price: 0.05 ETH
  • Pre-sale date: 15 days before the main sale
  • Mint price: 0.08 ETH
  • Main sale date: end of June or beginning of July
  • Strike Platform: OpenSea

Rarity – Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining over 300 unique traits in different categories. All the magpies look awesome, and there are even some legendary ones!

Benefits of rarity:

COMMON (2712 in total)

  • 30 free normal tickets for REAL IN LIFE PARTY
  • Minor Merch Giveaway per season (same giveaway as UNCOMMON)

UNCOMMON (1346 total)

● 30 free VIP tickets for REAL IN LIFE PARTY Minor Merch Giveaway per season

RARE (705 in total)
● Merch Giveaway every season
● 50 free VIP tickets for REAL IN LIFE PARTY
● 50 free normal tickets for REAL IN LIFE PARTY

EPIC (37 in total)
● 10 holders will get a full set of merchandise at their doorstep for free (after launch)
● All holders will have VIP tickets for REAL IN LIFE PARTY

LEGENDARY (13 total)
● Each holder will receive a full set of home delivery goods (pre-launch) free of charge
● All holders will have VIP tickets for REAL IN LIFE PARTY
● Legendary Holders will receive A PHYSICAL ART PRINT OF THE NFT ARTWORK. (only at First 5 holders of each Legendary NFT)

Total NFT Collectibles = 4813


Gokica space traveler is a character developed by a team of Fine Arts Graduatesdeveloping their creativity in a series of NFT artworks and a metaverse community project.

Chau Kwan Long – Artist

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