Park West Gallery auctioneer hosts successful charity auction for the Melissa Etheridge Foundation aboard cruise ship Norwegian Gem

Allison Lefcort is one of today’s most talented pop artists, and her commitment to giving back is equally impressive, ”said West Park Gallery Executive vice president Jean Bloc. “In this way, she follows in the tradition of some of the greatest American artists of the last century. Like Norman Rockwell, she uses her talent to evoke nostalgia better than any artist of her generation and, like Pierre Max, she uses her fantastic success as an artist for the benefit of others, as she has done here with the Melissa Etheridge Foundation. She is just amazing. “

An original work by Lefcort, “Love is Love”, began during an opening offering of $ 700 and had tenders up to the sale price of $ 8,500! Other important items auctioned were an Etheridge signed guitar for $ 12,500 and the Etheridge tour jacket she wore for $ 4,500. Other works by Lefcort sold were “Zebra”, “Giraffe”, “Woodstock” and several prints from “Love is Love”.

“It was such a breathtaking and incredible event, I’m always chilling out,” said Lefcort. “I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with West Park Gallery, especially on this cruise where I was able to connect with the Melissa Etheridge charity and help make a difference. “

The money raised will support the efforts of the Melissa Etheridge Foundation to find new scientific research into the causes and effects of opioid addiction. The Foundation strives to partner with and support organizations that explore new ways of understanding and treating underlying mental health issues related to addiction, seeking treatment outside of pharmaceutical standards, and finding solutions. new answers and relief for those suffering from the devastating effects of addiction.

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