Patek Philippe ‘Nautilus’ watch makes history with very first NFT


“When we were approached by the owner to help him create an NFT for his Nautilus watch, we jumped at the chance,” said Danny sangha, co-founder of SM-ART. “Our entire mission for this platform is to bring back fine art, rare collectibles, and fine art to the world. So many beautiful pieces are found in vaults hidden from public view – never seen before. and never appreciated. We wanted to find a way to bring these works of art back to life through a new medium. NFTs are a way to do it, a way for people to be able to appreciate and own these pieces through digital construction. . “

The very first NFT of a Patek Philippe watch created a unique opportunity for members of the public to own and invest in a piece of history – The Nautilus 5711 / 1A-010 is a rare watch that is no longer in production and continues to appreciate in value and in demand and by proxy, creating the same demand for TVN. With a flamboyant new presentation of this consecrated piece, the Nautilus legacy continues in NFT form, building on progressive innovation and creativity.

SM-ART has proven that NFTs have a place in the luxury world and we are particularly proud to havere pioneers in this new digital field ”, declares Robina latham, co-founder of SM-ART. “It is extremely important to us that each NFT is carefully curated, selected and verified by our experts. We work with private collectors, artists, museums and galleries to ensure that these NFTs are based on genuine works of art. art or that a new original piece is designed by the artists themselves. This NFT of the Patek Philippe ‘Nautilus’ is one example – the response we have received so far has been overwhelming and we are delighted to see this NFT make auction history. “

The ‘Nautilus’, imbued with a distinct interpretation of relaxed elegance, was first launched in 1976 and was revolutionary for its plug and play construction. The choice of stainless steel was completely unusual for a luxury watch. The octagonal bezel with rounded corners departs from conventional designs. Its case was inspired by a ships porthole. Exceptional robustness was then an extreme challenge for a regularly produced watch, and the interplay of polished and satin finishes emphasized the uniqueness of the form elements.

“The Patek Philippe ‘Nautilus’ NFT is as revolutionary and unconventional as the watch was in its day and we wanted to pay tribute to it,” says Sangha. “We were very aware of the know-how that goes into it and have taken the same care in the development of the NFT. While there are very brief previews of the NFT on our website, the full NFT will not be revealed until the day of the auction. We’ll be announcing auction dates on our social media and websites soon, but it will be around mid-November. This is an amazing investment opportunity for someone and the NFT will continue to rise in value along with the value of the watch. himself. “

After the completion of the NFT auction, the physical “Nautilus” watch will be fractionated through a non-fungible asset (NFA), where members of the public who are registered on the SM-ART platform can purchase shares of the coin. clockwork and trade these shares, as the value of the timepiece continues to increase due to demand.

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SM-ART preserves and preserves fine art masterpieces, works of art and valuable collectibles through the new medium of NFTs and NFAs – bringing them back into the public domain to be enjoyed by new generations and inspire the artists of tomorrow. A portion of all sales is donated to the NFT / NFA Owner’s Choice Charity and Global Tree Planting Initiatives to help offset the carbon footprint of SM-ART, which believes in leadership sustainable through humanitarian and environmental actions.

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