Sm-ART NFT offers a share in Patek Philippe 5711

Sm-ART, a platform offering partial ownership in NFTs as well as in physical art and jewelry, has added a Patek Philippe Nautilus to its portfolio of physical assets.

The concept allows investors to participate in such investment opportunities with a much smaller stake. In the case of the newly acquired and discontinued Nautilus 5711 / 1A-010, Asset Token NFTs are available starting at $ 100.

Ownership of blockchain assets is split using the Ethereum ERC20 protocol, which can then be traded on the Sm-ART NFT or other platforms such as OpenSea. These asset token NFTs can be purchased using a range of cryptocurrencies.

Danny Sangha, Co-Founder and CTO of Sm-ART NFT, said: “We are delighted to have added this stunning Patek Phillipe watch to our collection of luxury assets,” said Danny Sangha, Co-Founder and CTO by Sm-ART NFT. “Owning valuable items is a dream for many people, but with Sm-ART NFT it can become a reality and allows those interested in fine art and luxury masterpieces to make not only a great investment in terms of financing. appreciation, but also co-owner of something that is visually spectacular.

Sm-ART NFT, which offers a mix of NFT assets and physical fractional ownership, has attached a realistic value of $ 100,000 to the watch and, as with any physical item they split and sell, takes a stake of 3 % as a business, which makes it possible to manage secure storage and insurance.

Other physical assets held by Sm-ART, which can be viewed on the company website, include photographs by Gabriel Dean Roberts, a sketch by Ralph Steadman and pieces by painter Pasquale Cuppari.

In other watchmaking news, BAIT is launching Astro Boy Seiko 5 limited edition by lottery.

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