Springs Art Gallery Hosts Development Exhibition

The Springs Art Gallery is hosting a group exhibition that will run through Monday.
“This group exhibit features combined artwork and photography resulting from the Youth Development Learning and Mentoring Workshop Series.
“The 69 artists each have a piece on the wall,” said Thabo Sekoaila, visual arts curator for the city of Ekurhuleni.
The group show launched on May 22.
The different groups of young people were supervised by Sam Nhlengethwa in workshops set up in different areas managed by Thumbela Fine Arts.

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“The community needs to be more intentional about consuming art. Art is everywhere.
“It’s about how we look and how we choose to dress.
“Even the shows we watch on TV are a different art form.
“I believe we are all artists.
“It’s a gift that just needs to be nurtured and refined,” he added.
Sekoaila said the young people featured in the exhibit showed great talent.
“Some of them are just teenagers, but they were able to produce such works,” he said.
The exhibition is officially organized by Fulufhelo Mobadi.

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On Saturday, the venue will host a curatorial tour of the exhibition for the public to meet the curator, mentors and artists who talk about their collaborative experience.
The walkabout will start at 9 a.m.
“I would encourage parents to bring their children who show an interest in art.
“They will be exposed to all different types.
“They will also have the opportunity to ask questions and understand how the pieces came to be,” Sekoaila said.

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