THE RESPECT. Interview: Famous hip-hop photographer T. Eric Monroe talks about an art exhibit, a book about rare and unseen moments in ’90s hip-hop, skateboarding brand NFT and more

Image Credit: Photograph by T. Eric Monroe

Renowned photographer T. Eric Monroe in partnership with Heavy NFT to publish a series of non-fungible tokens (NFT) 1 on 1 of his fine art photography on the first generation of HEAVY decks, for a skateboard brand NFT. The purchase of each NFT comes with a 1 in 1 skate deck and a signed and numbered 20 inch x 30 inch archival copy (# 6 of 6) from T. Eric’s Expanded exhibition series.

Collectors can acquire these unique assets through one of the largest NFT marketplaces, OpenSea. Captured through the lens of T. Eric Monroe, the newly created skateboards include the Missy Elliot “Sock it to Me, Missy” and the old dirty bastard “Stare barber chair” bridges. An exhibition of T. Eric Monroe’s first NFT collection is live at The Trops gallery From May 18 to June 1. This summer gallery showcases fine art photography alongside decks and NFT graphics.

Image Credit: T. Eric Monroe

Image Credit: T. Eric Monroe

Image Credit: T. Eric Monroe

Image Credit: T. Eric Monroe

Known for his photographic work with music icons such as The Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots, Lauryn Hill and Nas. T. Eric Monroe takes a new artistic step with the HEAVY Boards collection. “NFTs present a new format to the history of 90s hip-hop moments,” Eric explains. With the start of an NFT auction for 1 in 1 skateboards featuring rap royalty, T. Eric Monroe reinforces his commitment to preserving the legacy of the iconic characters who shaped hip-hop culture through to the use of advanced technologies.

“It’s exciting to share my work in various forms,” he adds. Aside from the NFTs, the impressive collector’s edition photo book by T. Eric Monroe, Rare and unseen moments of 90s hip-hop.

NFT AuctionWe had the chance to speak with T. Eric Monroe to discuss his art exhibition, bringing together photographs of Tupac, Lauryn Hill, The Roots + plus, his interviews with Chimodu, his brand NFT Skateboard + much more. Check out the interview audio below.

Interview highlights:

How everything is going on his side.

Exhibition of the NFT collection at the Trops gallery

Capture images of Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots, Nas and more

NFT skateboard brand.

Currently preferred Hip-Hop artist.

Rare and Invisible Moments of 90s Hip-Hop: Volume 1

A song in his #BlackMusicMonth playlist.

What is RESPECT. means to him.

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