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Virginia Killian shows some of the works she has for sale at the Riverside Artists Gallery.

After more than 20 years, the Riverside Artists Gallery will close its doors on December 31.

Virginia Killian, one of the founding members, said she wanted to go out with a bang instead of whining, so there will be shows until the end of the year.

She said they decided to close the gallery for a number of reasons.

“We couldn’t find a way to keep it open with the number of artists we have,” she said. “We wanted to be a destination gallery. Our art is in many homes.

She said they decided to close due to a combination of changing weather and changing market.

“The company has changed and it no longer works”, she said. “We don’t attract new young artists. We can’t find a way to keep it open that doesn’t degrade the art.

She said more than 70 artists have exhibited their work at the gallery over the years. They showed art in high school every year and hundreds of children attended their art camp.

Killian said she wasn’t sure what would happen to the art now on display at the gallery. She said the Parkersburg Art Center is opening a store and some members may sell their art there.

“And friends and family will be really lucky”, she added. “But we hope to sell a lot.”

In 23 years of activity, the gallery has been through a lot, including three moves, two floods and a fire in 2010.

He started at 125 Front St. and eventually moved to 188 Front St.

“We have had two fires in six months. We did not lose any work in the floods, but we lost a lot of work in the fires ”, Killian said.

The gallery features felting, jewelry, photography, ceramics, paintings and copperwork, she said.

Fine arts and crafts” she said. “We attach great importance to what we put on our walls and displays. “

Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday. Killian said they had to cut their hours because they didn’t have enough people to keep it open.

“We have some excellent volunteers and we are open late on the first Fridays”, she noted.

Gallery member Betsy Cook said artists are bringing in new art and there will be exhibitions in November and December on the first Friday and throughout the month.

The November show is “For the love of glass” with guest artists Dave Fetty and Nick Delmatto and Riverside member Bonnie Proudfoot.

“We imagined it was an artistic tourist destination. There were a number of art galleries. Killian said. “There are still some wonderful art shops in town. Unfortunately, we will no longer be among them.

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In short :

∫ The gallery will close on December 31.

There will be shows on the first Fridays of November and December.

Gallery opening hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday.

∫ It is located at 219 Second St., Marietta.

∫ Artworks will be 10% off from November.

Source: Riverside Artists Gallery.

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