Tiffany & Co.’s Knot collection pays homage to the strength of New York

A classic investment jewel or watch is never only an accessory, there is always a rich history behind. In the new series of W Rock stars, we explore what makes legacies past, present and future so unique.

Over the past two weeks, I have heard the same phrase over and over again. “New York is back. Since the beginning of September, the city has been hosting a surprisingly busy Fashion Week, the US Open, the VMAs, the Met Gala, the Armory Show and the United Nations General Assembly. The traffic is back, people are out, and the city is bustling. And to think about it, just a year ago, experts predicted his demise.

That’s the thing with New York, and New Yorkers, they’re pretty tough. Perhaps no jewelry company is better positioned to understand this than iconic New York brand, Tiffany & Co. Even before Audrey Hepburn eats breakfast outside their boutique in the 5th Avenue, the brand was synonymous with the city that never sleeps.

To pay homage to the spirit of their hometown, Tiffany is launching a new collection this month. Tiffany Knot, inspired by the chain-link fences of the streets of New York. The collection celebrates the strength of character and tacit understanding shared by the townspeople. In the words of the brand, “New Yorkers are individualists who are also part of something bigger together. Mastering the art of “doing” in New York City requires a strong sense of self and a certain state of mind. “

Pieces in the collection are as crisp and elegant as the city itself, contrasting smooth, round, organic shapes with sharp, jagged angles, capturing the symbiosis of thorny individualism and shared community. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings are available in 18k yellow and rose gold, with or without pavé diamonds. The flagship piece of the collection, a double wrap choker, is hand-set with over 300 dazzling stones. Tiffany Knot is in stores this month a New The New York icon just in time for the New New York.

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