Tips for buying art online

It’s an overused statement, but you can make it, you can learn about art, acquire a painting, print, or other piece of art and place it in your home.

Where to start: online. Look at homes for sale that have been designed and staged to look great. Visit museum and gallery websites and pay attention to the type of art that appeals to you.

You can find art for sale at galleries, art studios, foundations, estates, art fairs, and auctions. Original works of art, from first-rate works to hard-to-assess works by emerging artists, are also offered in online marketplaces.

Some galleries and markets allow you to pay for art over time. Some have agreements with Affirm, a lender that lets you pay in three, six, or 12 monthly installments at a fee you’ll see before you go.

Here are some online art sources:

Artsy, an online art brokerage, lets you see what’s on display in galleries, auctions, art fairs, and museums, as well as find artists (from Banksy to Anish Kapoor, from Paul Oxborough at Soonik Kwon), and to auction or purchase paintings, sculptures, photographs online or in prints. Find contemporary, post-war (1945-1970), impressionist and modern, pre-20th century or street art. Jobs range from less than $ 200 to over $ 1 million. You can also sell your art collection (receive a free evaluation). Sign up to receive information on personalized artwork recommendations, trade show previews, articles and more.

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