We tried the A Little Spirit art kit.


It is the whole that plunged my 6 year old daughter into a delirium.

She immediately pulled up a chair and got down to business creating some pretty impressive artwork – if this completely biased mom herself says so.

Now, the absolute winner in all of this was that when we went out to dinner that night, where she was normally trying to negotiate by taking her game console with her, she instead filled her bag with pencils and her art journal, and we continued the creations at the table.

I thought maybe it was one-off – that the novelty would wear off as it often does with kids and new things, but no, the next day she came home from school and asked if we could paint again.

Then the next day, we tried our hand at charcoal drawing.

Another thing I love about A Little Spirit is that the art kits include a bit of direction as well. Sometimes it is difficult as a parent to inspire your kids to create different things, but with these kits all you have to do is enter the details on the website and it takes you to information about activity ideas and easy-to-follow instructions. To win!

So if you’re looking to spend your New South Wales Government Creative Kids Voucher to have your kid focus on something that doesn’t have a screen (and let’s face it, we’re all apparently fighting this battle. doomed to some extent), A Little Spirit art kits are absolutely a great investment, both in value for that $ 100 voucher and for the joy your kids will get from the experience.

Now we’re off to get more flowers for our press. Enjoy!

Be creative with your children and discover A little mindrange of art kits. Use your New South Wales Government Creative Kids Voucher to get a completely free kit.

Feature image: Fourni / Mamamia.


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