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NYS Attorney General Letitia James, abruptly suspended his governorship from NYS 2022 campaign, a wise move, and will focus on his re-election next year. Her decision will radically alter the race since many would not compete with her. Law professor Zephyr Teachout has withdrawn from the AG race.

NEW YORK CITY: Eric Adams is back from his spiritual journey to Ghana where he received a heroic welcome and a new name. His first high-level post is Dr. David Banks, who will be the chancellor of the New York School. A seasoned educator and co-founder of the Eagle Academies, Dr Banks has said that the culture of education in New York is fundamentally flawed and he is eager to transform it. Dr Banks said a name change is in order for the Education Department; investigate increased parental engagement; to find out what happened to the nearly 200,000 students who went missing during the COVID school year; and allow a common entrance to the school for all pupils, without separation of entrances, one for black and brown pupils and another for white pupils; and suspend or eliminate the per diem of $ 450 for retired directors and underlings of the DOE.

Mayor-elect Eric Adams announced his New York Police Department commissioner this week. It appears the Brooklyn NYPD woman mentioned in previous WGO columns is no longer on the shortlist. Rumors indicate the new NYPD Commish is an out-of-town woman. This would explain why the two highest ranked blacks in the NYPD, Ben Tucker, No. 2 as deputy commissioner, and Rodney Harrison, 52, native of Jamaica, leader of Patrol No.3, tendered their resignations effective Dec.31, or were the resignations political?

Last week, the New York City Council passed legislation to legalize the voting of non-citizens, about 800,000 people, in local elections: mayor, city council, public attorney. The biggest beneficiaries of the non-citizen vote would be New York voters Dominican and American-Asian communities. Less than 1.1 million New Yorkers voted last month. The local voting initiative for non-citizens is a practice in Vermont and Maryland. I wonder if this will become an epidemic and thrive in states like Texas, Georgia, and Florida?

The New York Council speaker race is fluid. Adrienne Adams, Queen’s Council member, African-American Adrienne Adams is the new favorite in the race for city council presidents. His rivals Justin Brannan, Diana Ayala, Keith Powers and Gale Brewer have announced their support. That destroys hopes Latino board member Francisco Moya, whom Eric Adams insiders quietly forced board members to elect. Latinos insist that the President must be Latino.


FINE ARTS: The Metropolitan Museum recently established the James Van Der Zee Archives in partnership with the Studio Museum In Harlem and Donna Van Der Zee. The archive includes 20,000 prints and 30,000 negatives. Based in Harlem, Van Der Zee (1886-1983) is the world-renowned African-American photographer, chronicler of the lives of black Americans during the Harlem Renaissance and beyond.

Skoto Gallery‘s new exhibition, MASKED HEADS, features 14 mixed media works by Nigeria-born artist Osi Audi and runs through January 8. Audi is investigating wearing masks as a prevention of COVID-19. Located at 529 West 20 Street, Skoto can be reached at 212.352.8058 and at www. Skotogallery.com

THEATER: The 2021 Broadway season saw the launch of seven central works at Black Americana. THOUGHTS OF A COLORFUL MAN; CHICKEN AND COOKIES; CAROLINE, OR CHANGE; SISTAS; SKELETON CREW; TROUBLE IN MIND by Alice Childress; CLYDE’S by Pulitzer Laureate Lynn Nottage. MJ THE Musical, on Michael Jackson, is previewing. Tickets are on sale for the Ntozake Shange classic, FOR COLORFUL GIRLS WHO CONSIDERED SUICIDE WHEN THE RAINBOW IS CHILD, which opens in March 2022.

MEDIA QUESTIONS: Olympian gymnast Simone Biles was named 2021 Athlete of the Year by Time Magazine. Biles and his fellow Olympians agree to a $ 380 million settlement for victims of sexual abuse by former team doctor Larry Nassar …

Wendy Williams is missing for the new season of her eponymous TV show. She is disabled due to health problems. The show had an odd assortment of guest hosts, mostly white, female, and male, including Michael Rapaport, Jerry Springer, and Steve Bilkos. Eh? The odds are falling. Sherri Shepherd has been the best guest host to date and reviews travel north with her. Maybe it’s her black girl magic. She’s witty, telegenic and addicting! She is expected to be a permanent replacement host until Wendy’s return… Brian Williams, 30-year NBC-TV staff member and MSNBC-TV 11th Hour host, aired his last show on December 9… Chris Fox News TV presenter Wallace leaves for a weekday show on CNN’s new streaming service.


The winter solstice begins and Capricorn birthday wishes are in order all its natives, including Dr David Banks, Chancellor of Education in New York; Bill Burgess, Bill Burgess Group; search for executives; Cheryl Mills Carroll; lawyer Barbara Daniels; IT Director Laurent Delly, IDEACOIL: Walter Edwards, Full Spectrum real estate developer; Mary Flowers, entertainment / concert producer impresario; Michael Garner, MTA Vice President, Director of Diversity; Michael Horsford; George Hulse, Insurance Emblem; Writer / poet Mae Jackson; the Reverend Dr Al Johnson; June Kelly, fine art gallery owner; James Lebron; Rafee Kamaal, media producer; Byron Lewis, black media pioneer, founder of UniWorld; Dr Eddie Mandeville, MD; Lucille McEwen, nonprofit executive; Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States; Elayne Richards; Voza Rivers, Harlem Arts Alliance; Basil Smikle, political analyst; Dwayne Wade; Denzel Washington; Lawyer Maya Wiley, New School Professor MSNBC Legal Consultant; Lloyd Williams, Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce; and lawyer Nathanael Wright, Savannah.

RIP: Writer Greg Tate, 64, died on 7/12. A man of many talents, he was a cultural critic, published in the mainstream media. He has written or edited five books with titles like “Flyboy in the Buttermilk; Essays on Contemporary America ”and“ Everything But the Burden: What Whites Get from Black Culture ”.

Tate was known as the godfather of HIP-HOP journalism. A Howard University alumnus, he was a musician who co-founded the Black Rock Coalition, was a visiting professor at the Columbia University Center for Jazz Studies and Brown University. Home service : December 18, Park Avenue Christian Church, Park Avenue and 85 Street, New York: tour from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Service: 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

RIP: Barry Harris, 91, world-renowned jazz pianist and modern jazz ambassador / educator, passed away on December 8. Visit at 10 a.m. and funeral service at 11 a.m. The event will be broadcast Abyssinian.org/culte where Reverend Dr Butts officiates and Dr Forbes delivers the eulogy.

A Harlem-based pop culture influencer and a management consultant, Victoria may be contacted at [email protected]


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