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ANTIQUES Road Trip has become a fan favorite since its debut.

There are plenty of experts ready to give their opinion on the articles. Here is the truth…

steven moore


Steven often writes for magazines

Steven Moore is known to be an antique dealer, auctioneer and museum curator.

He has also used his expertise in the past to write for a variety of magazines.

Steven joined Antiques Road Trip in 2020 and was also an expert on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.

Charles Hansson

Charles Hanson chose a career in antiques because he has a love for history and enjoys the drama of an auction.

He joined Bargain Hunt in 2002 and works as an auctioneer.

He was one of four members of the BBC’s team of antiques experts to release the Christmas single in aid of Children in Need in 2017.

Natasha Raskin Sharp

Natasha is an antique travel expert with a passion for antiques and art.

She was born in Glasgow in 1986 into a family of art collectors with her father Philip Raskin being a successful artist.

After graduating from the University of Glasgow, Natasha joined McTear’s Auctions, specializing in contemporary art.

She has also appeared on Bargain Hunt, Flog It! and even worked with Barack Obama during the primary election campaign in 2008.

Philippe Serrell

Philip says he thinks the antiquities found him “rather than the other way around”.

He was approached by the producer of the Bargain Hunt series at the time and recorded the first Bargain Hunt filmed in Malvern in 1999.

The merchant, known for his scarves, was later invited to feature as an expert.

Philip was one of four members of the BBC’s team of antiques experts to release the 2017 Christmas single in aid of Children in Need.

James Braxton

From a young age, James has always had an interest in the world of antiques and began pursuing a career in the industry after buying an auction company in 1991.

He founded the Fine Art Auction Group where he is currently a director, responsible for running five auction houses in the south of England.

James has appeared on other hit TV shows including Bargain Hunt and Flog it!

It was also part of the 2017 Christmas single to benefit Children in Need.

Irita Marriott

    Irita is from Latvia


Irita is from Latvia

Irita Marriott is an antiques expert and dealer and the founder of Irita Marriott Antiques.

She is one of the BBC’s newest Antiques Experts on Antiques Road Trip and a full-time UK-based antiques dealer.

She is married and has two sons.

Irita is originally from Latvia but moved to the UK in her twenties.

Raj Bisram

    Raj has appeared on television several times


Raj has appeared on television several times

Raj is a British antiques expert and auctioneer.

He co-founded the Bentley fine art and antiques auction house in Cranbrook, Kent, in 1995.

He has since appeared on several UK antiques television programs including Antiques Road Trip, Flog It!, Four Rooms, Posh Pawn, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Bargain Hunt and Would I Lie To You?

David Harper

    David is an expert in antiques


David is an expert in antiques

David Kingsley Harper is an antiques expert, artist, lecturer and writer.

He then made several television appearances, with his first television role in 2005 as the presenter of Channel 4’s Natural Born Dealers.

Roo Irvine

    Roo is from Scotland


Roo is from Scotland

Roo Irvine, full name Arusha Irvine, is a Scottish antique dealer and television presenter.

In addition to Antiques Road Trip, she has also appeared on shows such as Bargain Hunt, Flipping Profit, and the celebrity version of Antiques Road Trip.

Izzie Balmer

    Izzie has been on TV before


Izzie has been on TV before

Izzie was previously part of the celebrity edition of BBC Street Auction before becoming a member of Antiques Road Trip.

She is a popular Derbyshire antiques appraiser and auctioneer who is now a recognizable face.

In addition to her television work, Izzie mainly works as a head appraiser at Wessex auction houses in Wiltshire.

Tim Wonnacott

    Tim has been the narrator since 2010


Tim has been the narrator since 2010

Timothy Wonnacott is an English Chartered Auctioneer, Chartered Surveyor, Antiques Expert, Narrator and TV Presenter.

He was director of Sotheby’s, one of the oldest auction houses in the world.

He has been the narrator of Antiques Road Trip since its debut in 2010.

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